Clothing hacks are about saving money, making clothes last longer, and keeping clothes looking great so you can enjoy them longer! It doesn’t matter if you have a husband with a tough job, or a tough kiddo who is hard on jeans, these clothing hacks will help you find easy ways to keep the clothing in your home looking great for longer! The whole family can benefit from these easy and simple clothing hacks.

10 Clothing Hacks to Save you Money:

These 10 Clothing Hacks will help you save money on clothes! Easy things to do to make clothes last longer, even with busy kids who are tough on clothes.

Razor Sharp

Keep you jeans, sweaters, and more looking great by using a shaving razor to de-fuzz and de-pill them. You can keep clothing looking new for longer with this tip. No more fuzzy or faded looking pants and sweaters. Even super soft t-shirts have a habit of getting pills and fuzzies on them, use this simple clothing hack to get rid of those ugly signs of wear.

Cold Water and Vinegar

The mixture of cold water and vinegar in a spray bottle will remove stains from leather. You can use this clothing hack to save shoes, belts, purses, and even jackets. The mixture helps remove stains and water marks without causing any damage to the surface.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is great to have in your clothing hacks kit, it can remove odors from clothing in a hurry! That favorite t-shirt? The one that never smells clean no matter how many times you wash it? You can spray lemon juice on the armpits to help remove those stuck on odors! No need to throw away the shirt, just give it the lemon juice treatment.

Dish Detergent

Dish detergent is very useful for saving clothing that has oil stains. If you get an oil based stain on your clothing, treat the area with dish detergent and a tooth brush. Wash as normal and it should remove the oil stains! This is also a great way to treat those stuck on dirt spots that show up on jeans and work shirts!

Clear Nail Polish

Perhaps the oldest of the clothing hacks, clear nail polish serves many purposes. You can use clear nail polish to stop a run in pantyhose, tighten sunglasses with a loose hinge or screw, and you can even us it keep a button from falling off your shirt.

The Freezer

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that just have a funky smell that never goes away? Put them in a zipper bag and leave them in the freezer overnight. The super cold will kill the odor causing bacteria without fading your jeans. Washing them over and over again in hot or even cold water can cause fading and a lot of wear and tear…not to mention water! This is one of those clothing hacks that can save you money AND save your favorite clothing in the process.

Give Ripped Denim New Life

This is probably the biggest issue with kids and even adults who are hard on clothing. You need to find new ways to use that damaged denim. Cutting them off into shorts is probably the easiest way, but you can also learn to layer them over leggings, tights, or other pants. Another option is a simple iron on patch. Do these from the inside whenever possible as that will save you the most goofy looking patch. If you can sew efficiently, use old shirts or even other old jeans to make patches for denim that still fits!


It’s great when you have kids who are growing into and out of the necessary sizes to fit each other. Keeping clothing looking great for longer means you can pass them down. Another simple option is to find a friend, yard sale page, or even website where you can sell or trade clothing for kids. Kids often don’t get to wear clothing long enough to wear it out and having lightly used clothing at a huge discount can be a lifesaver. As an adult it never hurts to have a best friend or sibling to steal clothing from time to time as well 😉

Follow the Care Instructions

Believe it or not, most clothing comes with care instructions that are specific for a reason. Throwing everything into one or two loads can seem efficient but it might be wearing out and damaging your clothes in ways you don’t notice right away. Separate clothes as much as possible and follow those care labels. This is the simplest of clothing hacks and it can save your clothing from damage, wear, and unnecessary fading in the laundry.

Fix Zippers Easily

You can actually fix zippers with crayons, wax, and even nail polish. Or you can use a keyring wound through your zipper pull and placed over your button before you close your pants. It’s an easy way to fix those slippery zippers. Another great idea is to learn to sew in zippers or find a good tailor. A zipper is usually an easy fix and can save a jacket, jeans, or even boots. Repairing clothing is usually more cost effective than replacing it entirely so keep that in mind when considering your clothing hacks and options!