Many people believe that moving is one of the most stressful events you can experience in life. That doesn’t have to be true! You can conquer the task of moving without all the stress and confusion. There are many ways you can make moving day easier. With these tips to make moving day quick and easy you can avoid the hassle that typically accompanies a move. People move for many reasons but typically the process is the same. Take some comfort in knowing that at some point or another everyone has been in your shoes…which is to say they’ve been searching through unpacked boxes to find the match to their favorite pair of shoes! 

Packing Tips

  1. First, pack essentials in different boxes than everything else. Use clear, plastic boxes, for essentials that way you can easily access them when you are ready to unpack.
  2. Use clothing or linens to protect dishes and fragile items. This will help you save money on bubble wrap.
  3. Use socks for glasses and stemware for extra protection. Just make sure they’re clean; the socks, and the stemware.
  4. When labeling boxes, don’t just write what’s inside them, but where they go as well. This will help if you have movers or friends helping you move.

Pre-Move Tips

  1. You’re about to make a bit of a mess with the move so do a deep clean of the empty house before moving in. If you don’t have time for every room, at least get the kitchen and bathrooms.
  2. Take photos of all rooms before moving anything in especially if you hire movers. Any unwanted dings, scratches or damages can be taken care of if you have proof.
  3. Be sure to change your address at least two weeks before you move. Set up mail forwarding with the local post office.
  4. Sell items that you think are too valuable to donate and give away anything that isn’t. Use eBay or Craigslist to help lighten the load.

Moving Day Tips

  1. Hire a sitter for children or pets so you can move everything with ease. You can also depend on friends for this one.
  2. Speaking of friends, if they’re willing to help you move, they’re good friends. Those good friends deserve a thank you. Be prepared to buy them lunch and/or dinner depending on how long the move takes. Also, if you have things that you’re going to sell or donate, let these friends have first dibs since they are kind enough to help.

These tips to make moving day quick and easy will help you organize, pack, and move with ease. There's no wrong way but this is the stress free way!