Tucson hiking trails are a popular outdoor recreational activity. It’s a great way to get some exercise but it is also an amazing way to experience the beautiful natural scenery in Tucson and the surrounding areas. If getting outside to exercise and experience the world around you is one of your goals this year, consider doing some Tucson hiking. You won’t find a more beautiful or exciting way to explore the Tucson area!

Hike around Tucson and check out these incredible parks and destinations.

10 Tucson Hiking Trails to Try:

Eastern Tucson

All of these trails are located in the Eastern part of Tucson. There is all kinds of great spots for Tucson hiking but these are super convenient for anyone who might be living in (or looking at living in) our The Place at Creekside apartments!

Douglass Spring Trail

This six mile hike (round trip) is a great inductory hike in the Eastern Tucson area. It’s part of the Rincon Mountains and is a great hike for all types of hikers. You don’t have to be experienced to enjoy this beautiful hike which features a scenic waterfall at the end. Pets are not allowed on this trail.

Tanque Verde Ridge Trail

When it comes to Tucson hiking there is something for everyone. The Tanque Verde Ridge trail is a strenuous hike. It is for experienced hikers only and is roughly 18 miles round trip. It winds through the Sonoran Desert and the views are unlike any other! You’ll be glad you didn’t miss this one! Sorry, no pets on this trail. But you can check out our Pet Friendly Hiking Trails for places where you can take your furry hiking companion!

Saguaro National Park East

This is a wonderful way to experience the Eastern Tucson Hiking scene. There are tons of hiking trails, this is a national park so permits are required for some areas, but you won’t want to miss the Colossal Cave Mountain Park which has miles of underground adventures. It is one of the largest dry caves in the entire world! Pets are only allowed on the paved trails in this area.

Northern Tucson, Oro Valley

The Northern part of Tucson is considered the Oro Valley. There is plenty of great Tucson hiking to be found in the Oro Valley region. If you live in or are looking to live in our location, The Place at Rock Ridge, these trails will be right in your area!

Mt. Lemmon Meadow Loop – Santa Catalina Mountains

Start off easy! This is a great option for Tucson hiking in the Oro Valley region. The Mt. lemmon Meadow Loop is part of the Santa Catalina Mountains. It is a simple, 1.5 mile round trip hike and it features amazing views of the Oro Valley, Tucson, and some amazing pine forests. Don’t miss the view from atop the lookout station which is 8,820 feet up! Trail is also open to pets.

Finger Rock Trail

For a more challenging hike you might consider the Finger Rock Trail. This hike is 6 miles round trip and steepens as the hike continues. The trail head can be found at the North end of Alvernon Way and the hike will offer some amazing views of the city! Sorry, no pets allowed on this particular trail!

Ventana Canyon Trail

The Ventana Canyon Trail is another great hike in the Oro Valley region. This is a tough trail. Not for the beginner or the feint of heart. The trail itself is almost 6.5 miles round trip. It features a rugged, steep treek up the Ventana Canon and ends at an amazing rock arch! This trail will definitely offer up an incredible view of the beautiful Tucson landscape. For your safety and that of your pets, none are allowed on the Ventana Canyon Trail.

Sabino Canyon Trail

The Sabino Canyon Trail is part of the Sabino Canyon Recreational area which is one of the most popular outdoor areas in the Tucson. This trail is an easy 8 mile round trip hike. It’s great for everyone from the beginners all the way up to the most experienced! Dogs are not allowed in the Sabino Canyon Recreational area but they are allowed on some trails. Plan your trip ahead of time and call or log on to make sure they’ll be welcome in any area you plan to visit.

Sierra Vista

The Sierra Vista area also has some awesome hiking options. There are plenty of options for great backpacking and day hiking in the Sierra Vista area.

Miller Peak Wilderness

The Miller Peak Wilderness gets its name for the highest peak in the Huachuca Mountain Range. It’s actually the tallest and most southern peak in the US. Trails wind through more than 20, 190 acres in this area which was established in 1984. The Coronado National Park is pet friendly!

Douglass Recreation Area

Another great option for day hiking in the Sierra Vista area is the Douglass Recreation Area. There are so many great hikes in this area it is impossible to list them all. Check out all of the great options and find something that suits your skill level and goals! Again, this is a dog friendly region of the park. They’re not allowed in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness area or Sabino Canyon recreation area so steer clear.

Border Trail #45

Finally we have this great trail in the Sierra Vista area. Border Trail #45 is a short trail, 3 miles long, at an elevation of 3400-5000 feet. This is a great area for wildlife and bird watching. The Coronado National Park website describes it as such, “Home of one of the few perennial streams in extreme southern Arizona, it supports such a diverse plant and animal community that part of it has been designated the Goodding Research Natural Area. Over 625 species of plants have been identified here, many of which are rare and/or endangered. Sycamore Canyon’s animal life is extremely diverse as well, especially its birds.” There are so many amazing things to see on this trail and in the Sycamore Canyon area in general! Your furry hiking partner is welcome to join you on this hike as well!