The first day of Fall was on September 22nd so get ready for changing leaves, warmer clothes and pumpkin spice everything. Here are 10 different ways to enjoy fall in Tucson and the surrounding communities. Don’t worry, if you are in Oro Valley or Sierra Vista these apply to you too!  Theres something for everyone to get into the fall spirit.

10 Ways to Enjoy Fall in Tucson this Year

It's Fall so get ready for changing leaves, warmer clothes and pumpkin spice everything. Here are 10 different ways to enjoy fall in Tucson.

Break Out Your Apron

As the weather cools down one of the best ways to gear up for spending more time indoors is to find fun ways to spend time in the kitchen. If you aren’t great at cooking or baking this is a great way to enjoy fall in Tucson this year! As the weather turns chilly you can warm up in the kitchen with lots of practice (or lots of success if you are already a chef in the making)!

Check out these great crockpot recipes to get you started!

Go Hiking

If you have been waiting for the weather to cool down so you could fully enjoy some time outdoors now is the time! Another great way to enjoy fall in Tucson this year is with some hiking!

If you are looking for some great hiking trails in Tucson check these out. If you are in Oro Valley there’s a list for that right here!

Spruce Up Your Home

If you aren’t big on outdoor activities then the fall in Tucson can be a great time to get to work on some DIY projects for your home! There are tons of ways you can spruce up your home without spending a fortune. Don’t worry, most of the home projects I’m talking about are perfectly suited for everyone from beginners to master DIY-ers.

Here are some projects you can do for $15 or less. This list will give you an idea of how to give your home a sprucing without paying a professional. One final list here…this one is full of ways to brighten up your home with DIY projects!

Get Out and Explore

Check out this Fall Tucson Events Calendar for some inspiration if you want to get out and explore your community this fall in Tucson. There are always events and entertainment in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Sierra Vista. With the cooler weather it’s a great time to get out and explore your city with friends, family, or that special someone.

Crafting and DIY Projects

Spending some time indoors during the fall in Tucson can mean there’s lots of time for crafting! You can make some DIY projects for your Christmas gifts, decorations for you home or even just to pass the time and unwind!

Here are some DIY seasonal decor items you can make!

Pamper Your Pets

Fall in Tucson is a great time to pamper your pets. You can take them on a hike now that the ground is cooler for them to walk, these pet friendly hiking trails are a great place to start! Another fun way to pamper your pets is to make some of these DIY dog treats! You can also work on making your apartment pet friendly for both cats and dogs!

Gather With Friends

There’s never a bad time (fall in Tucson included) to get together with your friends. As fall approaches so do the busy holiday seasons ahead. Before you know it you’ll be swamped with family, work, and personal obligations and our friendships can kind of take a back seat. In light of that rush ahead, spend some time with friends now! You can get together with friends for happy hour at any of these great spots in Oro Valley or Tucson!


Fall in Tucson is an excellent time for traveling. There’s so much to see and do all over this great country (and abroad) with cooler temperatures and tourist seasons dying down, the fall is a great time to travel. This is a low stress and somewhat more inexpensive time to travel. Take advantage of the great deals and lower volume of travelers in order to see some great spots in Tucson and all over the country. Check out this guide for visiting the Grand Canyon!

Holiday Planning

Now is the best time to start planning for your holiday parties! Before you know it all the good spaces will be booked and the prices will jump up. Avoid the holiday gouging and start your planning now. Here are some of the best places to host your holiday parties this year in Tucson.

Declutter Your Home

Fall is the best time of year to declutter your home. You can donate items to holiday drives, regift new items, or even sell some stuff to make extra cash. The point is: you can clear out unnecessary items before the holidays bring a new batch of “stuff” into your home! Here are some tips for decluttering 101!