Living in the Catalina Foothills? We’ve picked out the 5 best Catalina Foothills restaurants so you can enjoy a delicious meal in some excellent settings. For those of you who might be living in our community in the Catalina Foothills, The Place at Nine90, these restaurants will be right nearby!

Living in the Catalina Foothills? We've picked out the 5 best Catalina Foothills restaurants so you can enjoy a delicious meal in some excellent settings.

5 Best Catalina Foothills Restaurants

Vivace Restaurant

6440 N. Campbell Ave, Tucson, AZ 85741
One of the best restaurants in Tucson, not to mention the best Catalina Foothills Restaurants, is Vivace. Vivace is the place to go to if you want Italian food of great quality and at a decent price. Having the option of first and second courses is amazing. You can spend the night pretending you are actually in Italy. Vivace has lunch and dinner options, so you can stop in whenever your schedule allows. You can enjoy classic Italian meals while also sampling their more unique options like veal and escargot.

Contigo Latin Kitchen

3770 East Sunrise Drive, Tucson, AZ 85718
Contigo Latin Kitchen is the place to go if you want a meal where Spain and South America meet. With tapas, soups, salads and an array of lunch and dinner meals, you will feel like you are sitting at home in a Latin country. While there are many different meat options (no shocker right?) a VERY unique option is the cochinollo asado, a whole pig, with multiple side options! Bring a party for the night and enjoy yourself with this unique and delicious option at one of the best Catalina Foothills restaurants.

El Cisne Mexican Restaurant

4717 E Sunrise Drive, Tucson, Arizona 85718
Much like elsewhere in Tucson and around the Southwest, Mexican food is king. For Catalina Foothills restaurants, El Cisne is the restaurant where you will always want to order your favorite Mexican dishes. With great hours that cover brunch, lunch, and dinner, there’s always time to enjoy a buffet or specialized menu options. There are an abundance of traditional food options for lunch and dinner, when you can also to take part in happy hour. For food and drinks, as well as that traditional Mexican vibe, El Cisne is the way to go.

Goodness Kitchen

6370 N Campbell Ave #160, Tucson, AZ 85718

If you’re looking for a fresh food restaurant option that has vegetarian, organic, and gluten free offerings, Goodness Kitchen is the place for you. With a unique menu, Goodness Kitchen serves up delicious, healthy meals that are filling without being high in calories. Acai puddings, along with salads and other lunch choices. A breakfast, lunch, and brunch location, Goodness Kitchen really is the best healthy option for smoothies and other light meals.

Fin’s Landing

5689 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718
Fin’s Landing is a unique restaurant that call the Catalina Foothills ‘home’. They are open long hours and they have numerous menu options. Fin’s Landing has a Latin influence but is mostly considered a seafood restaurant. Inspired by the native culture of the Southwest, Fin’s Landing has breakfast options that include tacos and chorizo with eggs, while also using mostly fish and shrimp in their dinner options. If you are searching for seafood fare options, Fin’s Landing is for you!