There has been a stigma attached to revealing your true self, depending on the situation. While some see Pride festival as a political movement, it’s more than that. Pride festivals all around the world have one common message–Be you! Be proud of who you are, no matter who you’re around. There is no one you could be who is better than you and it’s time we celebrate that fact. Even in the desert of Tucson, Arizona we have pride in who we all are!

Note: You can find all of the information about Tucson Pride, including PRIDE on PARADE and PRIDE in the PARK right here

The Parade

The community comes together to celebrate pride in many different ways, one of the best ways is through a parade. Various floats are created by different members of the community. You can even volunteer to be part of the parade if you’d like. The parade is on Friday, September 30th from 7-8pm. If you don’t want to take part in the parade you can watch from anywhere on 4th Avenue, 2nd to 4th Avenue,  and 9th Street in Tucson.

Community Talent

On the second day of Pride Fest, Tucson brings to you live entertainment from fellow community members. The lineup is filled with different acts that are family-friendly. The main stage found in Reid Park is hosted by Lucinda Holliday and Tempest DuJour. Watch the entertainment that showcases not only pride in oneself but your own talents as well.

Eats and Drinks

Celebrating pride can make you ravenous and quite thirsty. Thankfully Pride in The Park has everything necessary to keep all of your cravings under control. There will be food trucks that serve up some amazing street food and you will also find great wines, beers, and cocktails at the festival. For the younger crowd there are other refreshments  available ranging from healthy to sweet and everything in between.

Beating The Heat

The desert can get hot and everyone who lives in Tucson is familiar with that fact. Pride in The Park has teamed up with Loft Cinema’s to help people get out of the heat. Great films will be playing at Loft Cinema’s for the whole family to enjoy. Now you will have a way to get out of the heat and still enjoy a part of the Pride festival! 


Pride is something everyone can enjoy no matter their age group. During Pride in The Park the entire family can enjoy local vendors. There will also be a jumping castle for the younger Pride goers. If you decide to buy tickets at the gate they will be $12. However you can buy online now for $10 each. Kids 12 and under are completely free. The organizers also know that parking may be difficult at Reid Park so a free shuttle will be running from El Con Mall’s lot 9. Pride Festival is fast approaching! There's fun for the whole family, come out and celebrate all the great reasons to BE YOU!