It’s nearly fall! Can you believe that the summer has already flown by? Now that we are looking at some cooler temperatures you might want to consider heading outdoors to enjoy all of the amazing Southern Arizona hiking opportunities. These are 7 Hikes around Southern Arizona you’ll want to go on this fall. Let us know which ones you try and which ones are your favorite in this region.

7 Hikes Around Southern Arizona You’ll Want to Go On This Fall

Miller Peak Wilderness

The Miller Peak Wilderness gets its name for the highest peak in the Huachuca Mountain Range. It’s actually the tallest and most southern peak in the US. Trails wind through more than 20, 190 acres in this area which was established in 1984. The Coronado National Park is pet friendly!

Douglass Recreation Area

Another great option for day hiking in the Sierra Vista area is the Douglass Recreation Area. There are so many great hikes in this area it is impossible to list them all. Check out all of the great options and find something that suits your skill level and goals! Again, this is a dog friendly region of the park. They’re not allowed in the Pusch Ridge Wilderness area or Sabino Canyon recreation area so steer clear.

Agua Caliente Hill Trail

If you are a more experienced hiker you might want to try the Agua Client Hill Trail. It’s 9.25 miles and this is a semi-rigorous hike. You are welcome to bring pets on this trail but plan accordingly as this is a more difficult trail! If you love Southern Arizona hiking this is a great choice and will be a perfect adventure for the cooler temperatures of the fall.

Border Trail #45

Border Trail #45 is a short trail, 3 miles long, at an elevation of 3400-5000 feet. This is a great area for wildlife and bird watching. The Coronado National Park website describes it as such, “Home of one of the few perennial streams in extreme southern Arizona, it supports such a diverse plant and animal community that part of it has been designated the Goodding Research Natural Area. Over 625 species of plants have been identified here, many of which are rare and/or endangered. Sycamore Canyon’s animal life is extremely diverse as well, especially its birds.” There are so many amazing things to see on this trail and in the Sycamore Canyon area in general

Santa Rita Mountains

In Southeast Tucson there is the Santa Rita mountains. There are many different pieces to see and hear as well as the Madera Canyon, which is world famous for bird watching! Trails in this area range from expert to easy so you know there will definitely be something for everyone to enjoy. This is a must see for Southern Arizona hiking trails to try this fall.

Crest Trail

In Coronado National Memorial there is a trail that is difficult. However this is the only trail here that allows pets. So if you want to travel with your furry friend you might want to check out Crest Trail! Your trek will start at Montezuma Pass and the other end of the trail is at Miller Peak making it a four-mile hike.

Catalina State Park

The Catalina State park is packed with all kinds of hiking trails that you can explore. With more than 5,500 acres you are sure to find something interesting, exciting, challenging, and enjoyable while hiking! This is a HUGE area in Arizona so be sure to stick to your map and follow the marked trails if you are not an experienced outdoorsman.