It’s 2020 and everything is changing – even the way you store your photos. Today is National Save Your Photos Day and we thought there is no better time than now to preserve life as we knew it. Anything can happen, so why not prepare yourself to save your precious memories forever?

Learning how to store photos is smart! You don’t want to lose out on those memories. The best photos from your phone or digital camera need a place to call home…Just like these great Tucson apartments at The Place at Riverwalk and The Place at Presidio Trails are a great place for YOU to call home, these 2020 ways to store photos will be an excellent home for your digital memories. 

The Best Way To Store Photos: 

Storing photos in the digital age might seem like a no brainer but there’s some important things to consider! You need to remember these few key points when planning your strategy for keeping your memories safe! Let’s take a look at not just some of the best way to store photos but also what you need to consider when choosing where and how to store your photos and other digital content. 


The first big thing you should be concerned with when planning where you will store your digital photos is the resolution. In some cases photo storage online can reduce resolution. If you upload high resolution photos you’ll want to make sure that you choose a storage option that doesn’t compress or condense the photos. Places like Facebook, Instagram, etc smush the images so to speak so if you want to keep your photos in their full and crisp glory you don’t want to use these places as a storage option. 


Choosing the best photo storage option is also about dependability. Storage is long term so you want to choose a company or provider that will be around indefinitely. You’ll want to choose a company that can withstand time. Your best options for photo storage are places like Apple iCloud, Google Photos, Amazon’s Prime Photos, and Dropbox. These companies have a vested interest in keeping their programs going and they’re some of the top companies in the world so the chance of them just suddenly up and disappearing is highly unlikely! 

Automatic Backups

Another reason to choose companies like the ones listed above for photo storage is that they offer automatic backups. If you store photos on your computer, phone, tablet, etc. you’ll want an automatic backup so that you don’t have to constantly remember to do this type of task. Your digital memories will safely store without any thinking on your part! 

Add An External Hard Drive 

While external hard drives are like any computer or electrical device can fail, they’re also a nice addition to a photo storage plan. They give you your own controllable place to store photos. They’re limited in their capacity by what you can afford or wish to spend but it’s a great way to have two places to store your most important files and photos! 

Test Your System

Don’t forget to test the system! If you have a place that stores and organizes your files make sure you frequently test it to make sure the photos, files, and whatever else you are storing shows up properly! 

Start Slow

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t think of your entire photo library and everything that needs to be done. Just start by backing up, saving, or uploading your photos from today! One day at a time will eventually lead to a manageable system!