You love your dog but are tired of hair everywhere. Try the following inexpensive steps for a hair-free dwelling and well-groomed dog.

Part of being a pet owner is hair…it doesn’t matter what kind of pets you have, more than likely they probably leave behind some sort of fur! These tools, tips, and habits will help you live a cleaner and more hair free life!

You love your dog but are tired of hair everywhere. Try the following inexpensive steps for a hair-free dwelling and well-groomed dog. 

Apartment Petiquette 101: Fur-Busters for Minimizing Pet Hair

Some of these items with work better for dogs or cat, most of them can be applied to any pet that has fur that needs to be managed! If you have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions it’s a good idea to get and stay ahead of the pet hair in your home! Hopefully these tips and tricks can help you and your pets stay happy and healthy for years to come.

Invest in Cleaning and Grooming Supplies

Shedding Rake Tool

This tool is great for removing undercoats in all kinds of furry animals. It has amazing customer reviews and works great to help minimize shedding in dogs especially!

Paw & Foot Cleaner

This unique little device is great for pet grooming. It’s easy to wash muddy paws in this little cup which also has scrubbing bristles to help make sure your pets are not tracking mud, dirt, or bacteria through the house!

Home Grooming Kit

If you have a dog that has a coat which requires trimming this is the kit for you! It’s perfect for those dogs that have single coats and need to have them managed. Learning to make touchups and grooming choices at home can save you lots of money in the long run!

Self Cleaning Slicker

You might hear the word slicker and think of a rain coat but this type of brush is great for daily coat maintenance in pets with fur. Pet hair removal is easier than ever thanks to the button on the back that pushes the removed hair right out into the trash!

Silicone Dog Licking Bone

If you have ever tried to keep a dog occupied while bathing them at home you probably know why you need one of these. A smear of cheese, peanut butter, or dog treats will help keep them busy licking while you are scrubbing them!

Brush Glove Grooming Tool

Ever had to brush a dog or cat that didn’t like it? It’s torture! This brushing glove is a great option. It allows you to groom your pet while you are petting them! It’s a treat for them and you don’t have to stress about them sitting still for a brushing.

Commit to Your Care and Prevention Chores

Regular trips to a professional groomer and a frequent pet brushing and cleaning regimen will help keep pets from shedding a lot! Making sure to dry your dog thoroughly after bathing at home will help keep hair too a minimum as well.

Use a high quality dog shampoo, some brands even have formulas that help prevent shedding! Another way you can help you dogs is by providing a healthy diet. Dogs coats are impacted greatly by what they eat!

After each trip outdoors make sure to clean off paws before they come inside. This will help keep dirt, debris, and other items from following your pets indoors.

Use Furniture Covers

If you have furniture and you allow your pets to sit on the furniture you are going to want to invest in furniture covers. Many can be purchased online or in stores for a low price. Cover furniture and key areas with throws, blankets and even rugs that can easily be machine washed.

Once a week just pop them off or change them out and throw them into the washer. This will keep your home and furniture free of pet hair and it will also keep your home smelling fresh. It’s a lot easier to wash blankets than it is to wash your entire couch!

Here are some helpful tools for removing hair from furniture:

Here are some useful tools that are inexpensive and also awesome for removing pet hair from furniture, carpeting, and even clothing. I’ve found that the rubber gloves and a shower squeegee work great on carpeted stairways!

Did you know that many lint roller companies also over extra large versions that you can use on carpeting and furniture?! They are worth the investment for quick cleanups!

You love your dog but are tired of hair everywhere. Try the following inexpensive steps for a hair-free dwelling and well-groomed dog.