The best burgers in Tucson will blow your mind. You might think you know burgers but these places might make you think differently!

Best Burgers in Tucson:

If you were asked what American food is there is a good chance you would immediately think of burgers. Burgers of all kinds are an American favorite. They are super easy to customize which makes them a fan favorite! Using different meats, toppings, buns, and sauces people have created some amazing burgers. In Tucson the word “burger” means you’re getting a grilled sandwich of yumminess. The best burgers in Tucson utilize locally grown veggies, fresh meat, and freshly baked buns. If you don’t have a favorite, and even if you do, there are no doubt some of the best burgers in Tucson out there waiting for you.

Zinburger | 6390 E. Grant Road

Zinburger attributes their success not to the food, but to the atmosphere that makes you “feel like a kid again.” However anyone who has been there will tell you; the atmosphere is great, but the burgers are amazing! You can get burgers with blue cheese, certified Angus beef, or burgers with no buns, but the best is the Zinburger. The Zinburger comes with Manchego cheese, zinfandel braised onions, lettuce, and mayo. It’s a must try burger in my opinion!

Diablo Burger | 312 E. Congress St

What makes any restaurant great is the ingredients they use to build their meals. Using local, fresh ingredients, helps elevate just about any meal. Diablo Burger is proud to offer local ingredients put together in a way that makes them a local favorite. Even the meat is local, open-range, antibiotic-free, and growth-hormone free beef! Come in any day and try the “Blackboard Special”, you will not be disappointed! 

Monkey Burger | 5350 E. Broadway Blvd. Ste. 128

It’s rare when you go to a place and find that they have a full menu of signature dishes. Money Burger has 12 signature burgers; that’s 12 original burgers only available at Monkey Burger. All burgers are made with 100% Angus beef and toppings that will make your mouth water. Try the Kitchen Sink; you will not regret it and it’ll have you coming back for more! 

Graze | 2721 E. Speedway Blvd

Graze is all about being as organic as possible. The meats used at Graze are all antibiotic & hormone free, free range, and non-gmo. They only serve all natural ice cream, organic sugar cane sodas, and more. It’s pretty simple to order a burger here since you build your own from the bun up! There are a few signature burgers you can try, but there’s nothing like getting a burger EXACTLY the way you want it.

Union Public House | 4340 N. Campbell Ave

Not every restaurant is created equal and Union Public House is proof of that. They were voted best Happy Hour in Tucson. The goal of Union Public House is to provide fresh and sustainable food alongside delicious wine and craft beer. You can order any of the fine dinning options like an NY strip or Tortelloni En Brodo or  you can just order the Union Burger. The Union Burger is ground Angus beef, with Red Dragon English cheddar, bacon jam, and more on a house-made bun.