Going out for a drink in Tucson is a great opportunity for a fantastic night. There are many different places to get a good drink in Tucson. For those who want a unique experience, there are a few locations that you can’t miss! These bars in Tucson offer twists, flavors, and ideas that you just won’t find in many other places around the world. There’s nothing like ordering your usual and getting surprised with a new twist on your favorite. Venturing out for a good cocktail in Tucson is easy…and of course it’s fun as well!

Best Cocktails in Tucson:

Renee’s Organic Oven | 7065 E Tanque Verde Rd

One highly recommended cocktail by almost everyone is the Miel De Vide or Honey of Life cocktail. This drink is made from honeybush tea infused with Reposado tequila. Cherry and lemon juice are mixed in, chiltepin and honey sugar are sprinkled on the rim of the glass. The little kick from the chili warms yours lips while the honey and tea refresh the tastebuds. It’s an awesome combo.

Sidecar | 139 S Eastbourne Ave

Getting a classic drink is easy and can be done just about anywhere in the world. Sidecar offers a unique experience for the more adventurous drinkers out there. The Lost & Found cocktail will help you get lost in the flavor and find your new favorite drink. This drink is a perfect mixture of small batch gin, French vermouth, and it’s topped with absinthe.

Good Oak Bar | 316 E Congress

Good Oak Bar is named after Arizona which was named after the Basque word meaning “the good oak tree.” The Good Oak only has a license for beer and wine so you won’t find hard liquor here. Instead, you’ll find creative ways of serving up wine and beer that you’ve never thought of before. One perfect example is the wine snow cone!

Wilko | 943 E University Blvd

Wilko wasn’t always known for their drinks or even their food…not to worry, they have turned things around. The Smoky Negroni is a cocktail that you will want over and over. Just be careful, the smoky yet light taste hides the power behind each sip you take. When one turns into three you’ll feel it hitting you pretty hard!

Reforma | 4310 N Campbell Ave

Reforma is a Mexico City-style restaurant that will leave both you and your tastebuds happy. If you’re looking to wash down the delicious meal you’ve just had, try the El Chico. Don’t let the name fool you; this drink is far from small. The basil syrup and fresh squeezed lemonade in El Chico also feel pretty refreshing.

The Parish | 6453 N Oracle Road

If you’ve been to a gastro-pub, you know you’re in for something different. The Parish is a gastro-pub with things like frog legs, pigtails, and bacon popcorn. While you may be eating something that you’ve never had, how about the drinks? One suggestion is the Caribbean Mule. This drink is exactly what you think it is; it’s a Moscow Mule with rum rather than vodka and it works so well!

Going out for a drink in Tucson can be anything but ordinary! These are some awesome spots to get the best cocktails in Tucson.