One treat that is just better in hot weather is ice cream. Some of the best ice cream in Tucson are from local shops, and they offer up many different ways to enjoy the frozen treat. You can find the perfect shake or ice cream sundaes, you can have a cone, or get it in a bowl, The Screamery even has Ice Cream Nachos! No matter how you enjoy your favorite ice cream, Tucson weather makes it better. 

The Screamery | 50 S. Houghton Rd. #120 | (520)721-5299

The Screamery was the first ice cream shop in Tucson to pasteurize their own ice cream. That means that The Screamery is licensed to make their own ice cream from scratch, and that’s exactly what they do. Making ice cream the old fashioned way with modern flavors their specialty.

The Hub | 266 East Congress St. | (520)207-8201

The Hub is not only a creamery, it’s a restaurant and a bar as well. Come to the Hub to get a burger or some shrimp and grits, pair the meal with a draft beer or cocktail, and top everything off with some of the best ice cream in Tucson.

Santa Barbara Ice Creamery |  1058 N Campbell Ave | (520)323-1231

There is something beautiful found in the relationship between a mother and her daughter. The Santa Barbara Ice Creamery is owned and operated by a mother and daughter team that has been making ice cream for over 28 years. One taste of their ice cream and you’ll’ be hooked!

Frost Gelato | 7131 N. Oracle Rd. Suite 101 | (520)797-0188

Gelato is not exactly ice cream, but it is a frozen treat and some think it’s even better than ice cream! The owners of Frost Gelato cater to their loyal Tucson customers with delicious flavors, including special monthly flavors. After tasting gelato during a trip to Italy, the owners of Frost decided to bring that same flavor to the US. Enjoy a taste of Italy style gelato right in Tucson at one of the many locations of Frost Gelato.

U-Swirl Frozen Yogurt | 3587 E Broadway Blvd. #115 | (520)325-3155

Getting frozen yogurt at U-Swirl is a treat in itself. You walk in, grab a cup, swirl as much yogurt as you want into the cup, and add toppings yourself. The benefit of doing it this way is you can mix and match flavors and toppings just the way you like it. Bonus? U-Swirl has gluten free and dairy free flavors! 

Tucson has some amazing local ice cream shops! Here are the ones you want to visit–the best ice cream shops in Tucson.