Love tacos as much as we do? Take a bite out of the 5 best tacos in East Tucson that won’t cost you more than $5. Now you can enjoy something that you love without blowing your budget. With this great list of restaurants you won’t have to feel guilty about eating out, you can stay on budget and enjoy some of the best tacos in East Tucson!

Love tacos as much as we do? Take a bite out of the 5 best tacos in East Tucson that won't cost you more than $5

The 5 Best Tacos in East Tucson for Under $5

best tacos in east tucson

Nico’s Taco Shop

Like most cheap, fast, taco places, Nico’s has plenty of options under $5 and they are set apart by their friendly staff. They have friendly, outgoing workers who are always eager to help you enjoy your stop at Nico’s. You can get everything from breakfast to bean burritos for less than $5 at Nico’s. They have a few locations in and around East Tucson so no matter where you are or what time of day, you can stop in and grab some tasty tacos on the cheap!

Taco Giro

You can get individual tacos for $2.99. You can get enchiladas for about the same depending on filling. They have many menu options that are reasonably priced so you can have a great meal without breaking the bank! Their delicious menu features all kinds of options, everything from breakfast to dinner combinations. You might stop in for the cheap tacos but you’ll keep coming back for the authentic Mexican cuisine at great prices.

best tacos in East Tucson

El Taco Tote

Their website features the slogan “the way real tacos should be” which should let you know that they mean business! They are serious about their tacos. When you go in search of the 5 best tacos in East Tucson you have to stop at El Taco Tote. They have a lunch special that runs Monday through Thursday which features a side, a taco, and a drink for just $6. So for just $1 extra you get a side and a drink! It’s a great meal deal that will keep you going without emptying the wallet.

Taco Shop

1655 S Alvernon Way Tucson, Arizona, AZ 85711

(520) 514-2941

At the Taco Shop Co. you can get crispy beef tacos for $1.99 each. You can’t really go wrong with that deal. They have all kinds of menu options that are cheap. Almost everything is alacarte so you can pick and choose to create your best meal deal for less than $5! They have rave reviews that state the obvious: this is the best cheap taco you can get in a fast food type setting. Perfect for when you want great food, cheap, and in a hurry!

best tacos in east tucson

Rancho Rustico Family Mexican Restaurant

9165 E Tanque Verde Rd, Tucson, AZ 85749

(520) 749-4226

At Rancho Rustico you can get tasty, authentic, Mexican cuisine at reasonable prices. Their lunch specials include a Taco option for just $6.50 which also gets you rice and beans. It’s a delicious and filling meal for those on the go days. They also have many appetizer and happy hour specials for those after work trips as well! This isn’t Taco Bell type tacos either, we’re talking about actual Mexican food that is prepared by hand and with lots of extra love.