Did you know that there are ways you can boost your tax refund? If you are getting ready to do your taxes in Tucson you won’t want to miss out on this advice and these tips for getting the most from your refund. 

The deadline to file taxes in Tucson and other places across the United States is typically April 15th. This year that deadline has been extended until May 17, 2021. That means that this year you have a little extra time to get organized and get the most refund with these tips and professionals! 

If you are ready to do your taxes you will want to check out these tips for doing your taxes in Tucson and for those of you looking for a tax professional here in Tucson we can help with that too. Check below for a list of places offering tax services in the Tucson area! 

Tips To Boost Your Tax Refund: 

Here are some of the best tips for boosting your tax refund that are largely universal. These tips might not work for everyone but they’re worth a try to make sure that you are getting your full refund each year! 

Choose The Right Filing Status

Just because you are married doesn’t mean that a joint filing is the best option for you! Did you know that you could also be claiming head of household separately if you have parents that provide more than 50% of their financial support? There are a lot of benefits to filing individually and it doesn’t negate the benefits you get from being a married person when it comes to deductions. 

Get All The Deductions

You are probably missing deductions. There’s SO MANY that you probably don’t even know about most of them. There’s deductions for everything from sales tax to jury duty fees that you can deduct depending on your filing status. It’s important to have a professional look over your taxes to be sure you are getting all of the deductions possible. If you are doing your taxes alone be sure to triple check for any and all deductions! 

Contribute to HSA and IRA Accounts

Using your HSA and IRA accounts as a way to pay your future self instead of the government is a little known secret. You can likely reduce the amount you owe in taxes by contributing to qualifying retirement accounts. Sure, you still have to spend that money, but at least you are giving it to yourself in the future and not just sending it back to the government! 

Timing Is Important

Keep an eye on that calendar. If you can get those big payments in before December 31 for things like the mortgage and more you’ll be able to claim them on your taxes for the following year. 

Tax Credits Can Get You Bigger Refunds

If you qualify for a tax credit…take it! There’s a lot of people who don’t claim certain tax credits even though they are eligible. If you are eligible for any tax credits you should take advantage of those in order to boost your refund. 

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Places To Get Taxes in Tucson Handled Professionally: 

Here are some of the best tax professionals in Tucson so that you can get help with your tax refund and get the best possible return!