Pet owners know that dogs are more than just animals, they’re part of the family. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to bring our dogs everywhere. Sometimes the daily walk or two just isn’t enough. We often look for more space to let our dogs run free and play. On the bright side, there are plenty of places in Tucson where your dog can run around and get the exercise they crave. Dog parks in Tucson allow you to un-clip the leash and play the way you want with your dog. This is also a great way to socialize your dog with other animals!

Taking your dog out for the day can be a fun way to get exercise and socialization. These are some awesome dog parks in Tucson.

Dog Parks in Tucson:

Christopher Columbus Park | 4600 N. Silverbell Rd.

A good dog park has all of the amenities that help your dogs have a good time. Christopher Columbus Park has everything you will need to have fun and stay safe. The park is lighted, has a scrambling area, a waste station, and even a water fountain your dogs can drink from after a long day of running around.

Gene C. Reid Park: Miko’s Corner Playground | 900 S. Randolph Way

Some dog parks are just sectioned off areas inside of other larger parks. Gene C. Reid Park Is an enormous park where everyone is invited to enjoy the Tucson weather. However, in one corner of the park, you’ll find Miko’s Corner Playground. Miko’s Corner is a place where your dog can run free and play in a fenced off area. These fenced areas are perfect for letting pets have some controlled freedom.

Jacobs Park | 3300 N. Fairview Ave.

Jacobs Park is a smaller dog park in comparison to others in Tucson. The size gives you the opportunity to mingle with other members of the community. There are plenty of trees to offer shade from the hot Tucson sun. Your dogs will love playing with the many other visitors as well. 

Morris K. Udall Park | 7290 E. Tanque Verde Rd.

If you want to visit a luxurious park with everything you can think of at your fingertips, then Udall Park is perfect for you! This park has fitness areas, craft rooms, swimming pools, horseshoe area, bocce court, playgrounds, and so much more. You will also find a turfed area with trash cans, waste station, doggie water fountain, and a fence so your dog can run free for some exercise of their own! 

Palo Verde Park | 300 S. Mann Ave.

One thing many people look for in a dog park is a dog-friendly design. Everything at Palo Verde Park was designed with dogs in mind. The ground at the park is perfect and safe for your dog’s paws. It’s more than 38,000 Sq Ft of pea gravel. The area is lighted and has two different sections. One section is intended for larger dogs while the other is meant for smaller dogs. You can even take advantage of the scooper dispensers.

Purple Heart Park: Ivan’s Spot | 10050 E. Rita Rd.

The story of Ivan’s Spot is one that the whole community is familiar with. This dog park was named and dedicated to Ivan, a police dog who we lost in the line of duty. An entire acre has been dedicated in Ivan’s name to the dogs of the community. There is one area for small dogs and another for larger dogs. Here you will find doggie drinking fountains, benches, trees for shade, a walking path, and the surface is decomposed granite so it’s safe for your pups paws! 

Sixth Avenue Dog Park | 2075 N. 6th Ave.

There is a unique bond between dogs and grassy areas, and Sixth Avenue Dog Park has plenty of grass. This area is another smaller dog park but it is well worth a visit. The park is fenced off with double entry gates and waste stations as well. The community of dogs that visit this park are very friendly. You can use the scoopers, doggie water fountains, and more. It makes for a wonderful and enjoyable outing for you and your dog.