Did you know? June 22nd is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Now, not everyone is allowed to bring their dogs to work, and some workplaces aren’t suitable for dogs.  However, for those who can, there are some awesome benefits to having your pup at work.  Here are 5 benefits of having a dog at work.

Stress Reducers

Dogs have super powers, okay? Their most important one is the fact that they reduce stress. Have you ever pet a dog and then just felt 100% less stressed? It just feels so nice and all your worries are petted away. According to science, pets at the workplace make them happier, lower stress levels, and create a comfortable, flexible environment.

Promotes Positive Social Interactions

And who doesn’t love dogs? Whenever I see a dog on the street, I immediately have to point it out to whomever I’m with. Dogs are great for employees too; it creates a way for people who don’t usually interact to interact. They want to play with the dog so they have to go where the dog is! So, with this in mind, it’s clear that a pet-friendly workplace will increase employee satisfaction and promote an atmosphere of teamwork!

Improves Company Image

MCLife is completely pet friendly! This improves our company image tenfold; most customers have a positive response when they find out about the pet friendly policies that MCLife has.  Plus, having pets in the office also tends to soften the company’s image and makes a business seem more forward thinking.

Increases Employee Performance

If your company is pet-friendly, it means you don’t have to have as many absences. You don’t have to worry about letting the dog out or staying home to watch your puppy when he’s not feeling well. Just bring him/her into the office!

Gets People Moving

You gotta walk the dog every so often! Bringing your dog into work will make you get up and walk around for a few minutes throughout the day which promotes productivity! And it’s not that good to be sitting all the time anyway soooo…

There are probably so many reasons why it’s such a good idea to bring your dog to work – why not find some more when you bring him/her into the office on June 22?

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