There is more to any city than just restaurants, parks, buildings, etc. Getting around East Tucson is easy with these great transportation options. You can visit some of the best restaurants with ease. Much of East Tucson is accessible by bike, on foot, in a car, or even via public transportation. For those of you living in The Place at Broadway East, The Place at Spanish Trail, The Place at Twenty-Two, The Place at Ten50, The Place at 7400, The Place at Creekside, The Place at Edgewood, or The Place at Presidio Trails you are in luck! These are all of our great Eastern Tucson communities and they are all located near some of these amazing locations. You can navigate your life and community with these transportation tips for getting around East Tucson.

Transportation 101: Getting Around East Tucson

There is more to getting around East Tucson than just driving or walking! Enjoy some of the cities best restaurants with these transportation tips.

There are many ways to use the transportation options for getting around East Tucson. You can use the bike share program, walk, call an Uber or a Lyft ride, you can take the bus, or even drive. We’ll go over a few of the great transportation options here and also show you some of the great places you can visit!

Public Transportation:

The city of Tucson makes great use of buses as their main mode of public transportation. You can ride any number of routes in order to navigate the city. Getting around East Tucson is easier with a bus pass! By clicking above you can see all of the great options available within the public transportation system in Tucson. You can also find out more about pricing, how to get a SunGo card, and view the route map so you don’t get on the wrong bus!

Bike Share Program:

Basically a bike share program allows residents access to bikes for short trips around the city. They’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that you can get out for a nice journey around the city or you can get somewhere in a pinch without having to worry about waiting for the bus or calling a friend for a ride! The program is new but they’re rolling out all of the great features this year.

Traditional Methods:

Of course you always have the option of walking or driving on your own. I recommend walking whenever possible. You will get to see a different side of the city that you might otherwise miss out on, not to mention it is great exercise! Driving presents it’s own challenges in terms of parking in some cases so keep that in mind, you might be better off on the bus if there is a direct route near you!

Where to Go:

Tucson is a happening place. Once you figure out the logistics of getting around East Tucson you should check out some of these great spots! There are great spots for takeout on the East Side. You can see all of the top eats for Takeout in Eastern Tucson and pick something that suits your tastes. If you feel like venturing out a little bit you might want to hit up the West Side for some Coffee or maybe it’s on your way to work?! And if you want to try your luck zipping all over the city you should definitely try all of the great breakfast burritos in Tucson.