Looking for a cat to add to your family? Live in Tucson? Did you answer yes to those questions and this one? Then we have great news! You can bring a cat into your own home, all thanks to the Hermitage Cat Shelter!

The shelter is different than other cat shelters in Tucson for a few simple reasons. The Hermitage is Arizona’s first and oldest No-Kill, No-Cage Cat Shelter and Sanctuary. Hermitage was started over fifty years ago by, Sister Seraphim, who’s mission was to take care of all ill or injured animals who came her way. In order to be certified as a sanctuary, we fulfill several additional requirements.

With that being said, the kitties roam free in large rooms designed especially for them (complete with lots of shelves, cubbies, and up-high walkways where they can feel safe and secure). In addition to their indoor rooms, the cats have safe outdoor “catios” where they can get fresh air and watch birds.

Hermitage partners with several other rescue groups and shelters, including Pima Animal Care Center (PACC), The Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSAZ), Arizona Humane Society (AHS), as well as other municipal shelters throughout Arizona. Also partnering with local veterinary clinics, including VCA Valley Animal Hospital allows Hermitage to host students enrolled in Veterinary Assistant and Veterinary Technician programs at Pima Medical Institute and Pima Community College.

In an interview with Karen Baden, the executive director of Hermitage, the shelter is doing a lot for the Tucson community. She got involved with the shelter because “Working in animal welfare has always been my passion and ultimate life goal. I have been volunteering in shelters since 1995 and knew my calling as a young adult. When the Hermitage published their Executive Director position I applied and after a long interview process I received an offer! It has been a year since my life changing decision to come work for such an AMAZING organization and I wake up every day full of hope and happiness that I have meet my life goal to run a shelter!”

She believes people can help the shelter by “visiting the kitties at the shelter, learning more about becoming a volunteer, adopting a cat, telling people about Hermitage, or donating money to help us fulfill our mission!”

Moving forward, Baden says that she hopes “to increase our partnership with community organizations, and find more donors to help us sustain our mission.  We also would love to start an endowment fund.”

Head over to Hermitage’s website to find out how you can get involved in the shelter – or even adopt a kitty today!