Here in Tucson the weather does this great thing…it goes from cooler to summer in the blink of an eye. When that happens, it’s time to get outside and spend time on the patio! If you are like us, that means finding pet friendly patios in Tucson so the whole family can enjoy the nice weather together!

Today we’re going to show you our 5 best pet friendly patios in Tucson. These are great spots to enjoy time together as a family, furry members included! Perhaps better than anything, is that these great pet friendly patios in Tucson are located near our MCLife communities. If you live in any of our great communities in Tucson these locations are worth a try!


5 Of The Best Pet Friendly Patios In Tucson

Dakota Bar & Grill

Dakota’s has a really nice and totally pet friendly patio and garden where you can settle in and lounge with your furry friends. They have a special selection of treats and even filtered water so your pup can enjoy a snack while you do the same. They have great specials for happy hour, dinner, and more. Dakota Bar and Grill is decked out with work from local artisans and they cook up some of their best dishes using the herbs, spices, and peppers from the garden. It’s a must try spot in Tucson.

Frank’s/ Francisco’s Restaurant

You can’t go wrong gat Francisco’s. Frank’s is a morning institution in Tucson. You can bring your pup along fro the ride. This awesome pet friendly patio in Tucson does a twist in the middle of the day. After breakfast they close down and make a major switch. In the evenings you can go to Francisco’s for Mexican cuisine!


Mutts might seem a little on the nose for a post about pet friendly patios in Tucson but the truth is…they’re severing up some amazing hot dogs! Does the name make more sense now?! Cute right? You’ll be even more pleased once you visit with your pet and enjoy some of the great food that locals love!

Blanco Tacos & Tequila

So it wouldn’t be Tucson without some tacos and tequila right? What could be better than enjoying that combo with your furry fiends? They have awesome Mexican cuisine and Blanco Tacos mixes up a mean margarita so make sure you give it a try!

Magpie’s Gourmet Pizza & Drinks

We can’t have a list of places you should check out that doesn’t include pizza! Magpie’s is your stop for all things pizza and pups! They have three different locations in Tucson and the 4th / 5th ave location has an awesome dog friendly patio. If you head on over, make sure to try “Juan Carlos Pesto”. It’s amazing!

The best pet friendly patio is the one in your own home! Here at MCLife We Love Pets! We have a policy on the topic you can read all about right here. Basically it says this: we love pets! We know that they are a big part of your family and we would never ask you to choose between your pets and a great community to live in. We have no size, weight, breed, or type restrictions. All of our MCLife communities are pet friendly; this summer you can enjoy life on the best patio of all…your own!