Aging is not something we typically confront until it is staring us in the face. If our loved ones start to decline, and when we ourselves face issues of aging, we start to look for independent living for seniors. At MCLife we know that senior living and over 55 communities are a necessity. They’re a way for seniors to enjoy their golden years without the stress and loneliness of living alone. We currently have two communities in the Tucson area dedicated to independent living for seniors. The Place at Wilmot North and The Place at Broadway East are both after 55 communities. Along with some great senior features, our after 55 communities enjoy the same benefits of all our locations.

Independent Living for Seniors

The Place at Wilmot North and The Place at Broadway East offer independent living for seniors. These over 55 communities offer great options for seniors!

Features of Our After 55 Communities

Our after 55 communities, the Place at Wilmont North and the Place at Broadway East feature all of the great qualities of our regular locations. In addition they have some great amenities that are geared towards seniors. These locations have swimming pools, BBQ areas, fitness centers, spa and sauna areas, and a complimentary shuttle bus. There are always other people around though we don’t have a nursing staff or a cafeteria area. Without the feel of a hospital or institution seniors can enjoy an independent living situation where they can interact with others who are at their same state of life.

Who’s Welcome?

In many situations, independent living for seniors ends up looking like a hospital. We don’t have that feel in our communities. These are apartments where you can live and enjoy your life on your own terms. Not everyone who lives in the Place at Wilmont North and the Place at Broadway East are over the age of 55. They are however, all over the age of 18 so that you don’t have the stress or complications of mixing young children and seniors. You are welcome to have any guests stay with you for the day, there’s no requirement that everyone you have over be 55+ which is a complication with some other senior living locations. We also have a pet friendly motto and always include amenities for your furry friends in our MCLife locations. We know how valuable it is for you to be able to bring your furry companions with you when you move to our After 55 communities!

Residents, Staff, Community Manager

All of our locations have a community manager who can assist you with transportation needs as well as other things like accepting packages and more! Our friendly staff is always on hand to handle issues, fixes, and other needs of community members. The other residents are nearby so you can socialize if you want as well as participate in some scheduled activities. There are groups and clubs that run through the community as well, you can enjoy some scheduled activities without feeling overwhelmed or pressured to participate!

Why is Independent Living for Seniors Important?

Independent living for seniors is so important for quality of life. It’s a great feeling to know that you can live your life the way you want without all the stress and loneliness of being in a standalone home. Our After 55 communities concentrate on what you can do without reminding you of all the things you can’t enjoy anymore. With some scheduled activities, on site staff and community managers, and of course some other seniors, you can live your golden years in style and to your fullest ability! If you are looking for more information about our After 55 communities and lifestyle you can find out more in our ebook here!