If you are looking for apartments in East Tucson will want to know what is around you. What is nearby? What is there to do? Are there family friendly restaurants? What about weekend activities?

Here at MCLife we want you to be connected to the world around you. That is why we have our 5-5-5 program which gives you the best five places to eat, shop and play all within 5 miles and 5 minutes of each our MCLIFE communities. So, here are five places to play in East Tucson near our property The Place at Edgewood. We have family friendly activities, date night fun or a get together for you and your friends. There is a lot to do in Tucson and we want you to know where you can go to let loose and have a good time.

Whiskey Tango

Gaslight Theater

Tucson Bowl

Trail Dust Town

Century Gateway 12

There you have it! Those are our 5 favorite places to play in East Tucson near The Place at Edgewood. What do you think? Do you like our choices? If you are looking for things to do in East Tucson check some of these places out! Leave us a comment and let us know what you would choose for your favorite places to play in East Tucson. Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming posts about our 5-5-5 choices to eat, shop and play in your community. Until then, keep on sharing the good life. If you are curious about leasing or getting a tour at The Place at Edgewood call: 520-428-5162!

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