In Southern Arizona, Tucson is a large city that is home to the Arizona Wildcats, Mt. Lemmon, many arts and culture spots and 526,116 people! While most people talk about Phoenix and Scottsdale as hot destinations in Arizona, Tucson has a lot to offer. If you are considering moving to Tucson, there are some things you should know before making the dive!

1. Moving in the summer can reduce your moving costs.

Summer is the off season and winter is busier, with a lot more seasonal residents which can make it more of a challenge to book moving trucks and moving companies. But, be mindful of the heat during the summer! Temperatures are on average, 100 degrees or higher, and with flash floods and monsoon season, summer can be a volatile time. So if you are moving in the summertime, try to get the majority of any outdoor work done in the early morning and be sure to stay hydrated.

2. The cost of living is lower in Tucson.

On the cost of living index, Tucson rates 95 based on the national average of 100. Plus gas is 10% lower than other areas in the country and household utilities are 22% lower than the national average. In a study done by MyMove the “Average rent for an apartment is $777 and the median home value is just over $103,000. New homes are available under $100,000”

3. Public Transportation is a great way to get around.

Tucson covers 200 square miles and has two main interstates to get in and out of the city: the I10 and the I19. Since you have to use surface streets to get around the city, traffic can get heavy during mornings and evenings when people are trying to get to and from work or school. Luckily, Tucson has reliable public transportation. You can take the bus all around the city. Around the University of Arizona and Downtown Tucson, you can take the efficient SunLink Street Car. Ride the SunLink to visit the hot arts and culture destinations downtown and explore the city.

4. Tucson is ideal for outdoor activities.

Close to Mount Lemmon, Sabino Canyon and a ton of different biking and hiking trails, Tucson is a great place to get outdoors. Tucson is actually one of the most bike friendly cities in the United States. With massive cycling events like Cyclovia and Tucson Bike Fest, Tucson has many bike paths and bike friendly roads which make them ideal for cyclists.

You can experience a bit of everything in Tucson, it isn’t just desert! We’ve got the Santa Catalina Mountains to the North, the Tucson Mountains to the West, the Tortolita Mountains to the North West, the Rincon Mountains to the East and the Santa Rita Mountains to the South. Plus there are a lot of great urban trails as well. There’s no excuse here for not getting outside!

5. The weather isn’t that bad!

While summer gets a bad rap, the dry heat keeps us from totally losing our minds. Even during Monsoon Season from late June-August, humidity stays tolerable. Summer temperatures are high and on average 100 degrees daytime temperatures last from around May to September. But during the Spring and Fall the average temperate is around 80 degrees. Talk about pleasant! You also don’t have to worry about freezing your butt of during the Winter time! Our Winter temperatures on average are around 65 degrees!

6. Tucson has a great food scene

Don’t dismiss Tucson because they’ve got an up and coming food scene that cannot be denied! Farm to table restaurants like Augstin Kitchen, Seis Kitchen, Prep and Pastry, Pasco Kitchen & Lounge, The Coronet, and Cup Café at Hotel Congress are changing the game in Tucson.

There’s a bit of everything. You can find authentic Mexican cuisine, upscale dining, farm to table, French inspired fare and more. Anywhere you go in the city, you are bound to find some incredible flavors you can’t get anywhere else.

7. There’s a lot going on

Tucson has festivals and events happening year round. There is the Heirloom Farmers Market at St. Phillip’s Plaza on weekends, Second Saturday events monthly in Downtown Tucson, the major annual Tucson Meet Yourself FestivalCyclovia, a huge Pride Parade and Festival, Tucson Book Festival, plus a one of a kind Dia de los Muertos All Souls procession.