During the summer, the temperature rises but our daily tasks don’t slow down. That means it’s up to us to make sure we stay cool while doing anything we have planned for the day. We need to find ways to keep the car cool, keep the house cool, keep the office cool, and just stay cool. Luckily, there are ways not to overheat that don’t require you to carry around a fan. These hacks will help you through our warm summers!

Tips For Staying Cool in The Summer

Time Tracking

Keep in mind that during certain hours it’s drastically cooler. If you have things that need to be done outdoors, then do them in the early morning or late evening.

What to Wear

Shorts and a t-shirt are great ways to stay cool but there is one overall goal in mind. Wear loose clothing to allow any breeze to make its way through. Also, try and wear more cotton clothing–it reflects heat better.

Air Conditioning Hack

Air conditioning is nice, but the bill can get pricey. Instead, turn the air on for a bit of time and keep regular fans running. This will help circulate the cool air through the house and not raise the bill too high.

Water Bottle Ice Cubes

Store water bottles in the freezer and only use them when you’re going outdoors. The ice will slowly melt giving you a cold beverage for longer.

Shower Time

Take colder showers to cool down. Especially after a day of being outdoors for exercise or play.

Eating Habits

Instead of eating heavy meals, eat smaller meals. You can have them more frequently and make them light fares so your body isn’t working hard to digest in the heat.

In The Car

If you’re running errands keep your window cracked when you park. Let the air circulate and not build up in a fully locked and enclosed car. If you can, tint the windows; if not, buy a windshield visor to keep the heat out.


Having natural light in your home is great, but direct sunlight will produce heat. Buy blackout shades and keep them closed during the time of day that the sun is directly facing the window.

Run More Errands

Yes, being outside may be difficult, but the walk from the car to a store can be a quick one. Spending time at a shopping mall or movie theater is a great way to take advantage of their air conditioning. Plan to run errands during the hottest points of the day.


Cold water just feels great during the summer, so add in a misting system to your yards. This way, if you must go outside in the heat, you and at least be showered by light sprays of cold water.

Tips For Staying Cool in The Summer