If you have ever visited Tucson I’m sure you know that there is more than enough activities to go around. There’s so much natural beauty in the area along with amazing spots to eat, you just can’t do it all in one or two days. If you are lucky enough to live in the Tucson area then this post might help keep you busy during the new year! For our Tucson Bucket List – 2017 edition, we wanted to find awesome places to eat, new adventures for everyone to check out, and of course we had to include some of the awesome festivals and events that take place in Tucson over the course of the year.

With this Tucson Bucket List for 2017 you will never be bored! Use this list as a guide to get you started. The best adventures are the ones you discover completely by accident. Don’t wait, get out there and explore the amazing world around you! Make sure you let us know below if your favorite Tucson spots or activities made the list!

Tucson Bucket List: 10 Things to Do in 2017

As we get ready for 2017, it is time to to put together our Tucson Bucket List for 2017! Everything from new foods to new adventures!

Go Hiking

There are endless beautiful trails for hiking in the Tucson area. One of the greatest treasures of this area is the gorgeous natural landscape. If you check out places that are included in the National Parks System you can also check those locations off your bucket list. This was the 100th year for the National Park Service. You can be part of that amazing legacy with the amazing parks in and around Tucson. Check out Saguaro National Park located on either side of the city of Tucson. It’s an amazing place to start checking things off of your Tucson Bucket List for 2017!

Be a More Diligent Pet Owner

There are tons of places in Tucson that are pet friendly. You can take your furry four legged friend along with you when you go exploring. You can do outdoor activities with your dog, take them along for your next night out on the town, and even get them some exercise in the dog parks in and around Tucson. Start 2017 off right by adding this goal to your Tucson Bucket List. Including your pet in your life is not just good for them, it can be good for you too! Did you know that dog owners have less stress and are less likely to have stress related heart conditions?

Find a New Favorite Spot

For your Tucson Bucket List you need something that will push you outside of your normal routine. In 2017 make it a goal to discover a new restaurant or bar. The local restaurants and bars in Tucson are excellent. There is certainly no shortage of local establishments that will knock your socks off! You might be surprised at how quickly you can find a new favorite spot in Tucson. Maybe Cafe Poca Cosa is your new favorite Mexican Restaurant?!? You won’t know until you try!

Join in the Festivities

Adding this to your 2017 Tucson Bucket List might make you a more well rounded human being without you knowing! Gasp! There are so many fun and exciting cultural and community events that happen in Tucson each year. From the Pride Festival to the Jazz Festival you never know when you might learn something new or find a new favorite pastime. You can’t go wrong with any of these events from the Tucson Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 Calendar. It’s shaping up to be an amazing year!

Eat More Ice Cream

This should be an easy addition to your Tucson Bucket List for 2017. It’s hot in Tucson. Almost year round we experience some of the most dry, warm, conditions in the country. It’s important to enjoy all of the things that come along with a hot, dry, climate…Ice cream is one of those things! Cool off on a hot day or enjoy some ice cream just because you can. The local ice cream scene might take you all year to explore! Check out some of these amazing spots for ice cream in Tucson to get you started.

Take in a Show

You might not know it but Tucson has a blossoming arts scene. There are so many ways you can broaden your horizons without ever having to leave Tucson. Check out the calendar and see what kinds of things are happening on the Tucson Performing Arts scene during 2017!

Road Trip!

What is more fun than avoiding the Arizona heat for a while?!? Nothing?!? Maybe a road trip is in order for your Tucson Bucket List. Check out all the fun you can have on some amazing day trips from the Tucson area. There’s nothing standing in your way, use a weekend or a sick day and get out there to explore the area. In just a few short hours you can be exploring an entirely new area. Day trips are a great way to experience some new and fun locations without all the expenses of a traditional vacation. A Tucson “staycation” what could be better!

Vacation in Town

Did you know that Tucson has a variety of bed and breakfasts, hotel, spas, and other lodging options? You can stay in a traditional overnight location right here in Tucson and be pampered like you’ve flown across the country. Another great option is RVing or camping in Tucson. The Tucson Bucket List for 2017 would not be complete without suggesting an at home vacation. It’s fun and you can probably afford at least one night away since there is virtually no travel expenses!

Learn Something New

We have to better ourselves at least a little bit this year! For 2017 add another goal to your Tucson Bucket List and try to learn something new. There are so many museums and cultural centers in and around Tucson. Check out the Pima Air and Space Museum to learn more about the space and technology history of the region! If that’s not your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of other museums that focus on heritage, art, and even history!

Have Some Fun

What kind of monster would I be if I didn’t add a little fun to the Tucson Bucket List for 2017!?! There are some fun family adventures to be had at the various amusement parks in and around Tucson. You can find one that best suits your needs or you can try them all! I highly recommend you try them all out to find your favorite…who knows…you may need to try them all a couple of times to decide.