Are you ready to take on a new year? We are bringing you our Tucson Bucket List: 10 things You Must do in 2018. Here are the best things to do in Tucson in 2018. There’s everything from events to places to see and eat. Tucson is a fun and quirky area, there is always something unique to check out.

Are you ready to take on a new year? We are bringing you our Tucson Bucket List: 10 things You Must do in 2018.

Tucson Bucket List: Everything You Need to Do in 2018

Check out the Breweries 

If you need a list of the best ones to check out you can us this one as a guide. Tucson is known for their craft breweries! There are a plethora of great options and the best part about checking out craft breweries is that they make it an experience. It’s more than just showing up and drinking beer (though that’s a fun aspect of it) you can really learn about the process, the inspirations, and more!

Look to the Sky with Kitt Peak National Observatory 

Here’s the link to their website. The Kitt Peak National Observatory always has some fun and exciting experiences for locals and visitors. Kitt Peak is a landmark location in Tucson so if you are new to the area or visiting this is a must for your Tucson Bucket List for 2018. It’s located in the Quinlan Mountains. It’s home to the world’s largest array of astronomic instruments. You should definitely check out one of the workshops or programs put on by the observatory.

Grab a Great Bite to Eat 

Tucson is home to some of the best restaurants in the region. There is something for everyone to enjoy. If you are a foodie (or want to surprise one that you love) these are some great options. Use this list as a guide to find some of the best tacos in Tucson! Finding the best taco in Tucson could be the tastiest part of your Tucson Bucket List 2018.

See All The Tucson Museums 

We would be remiss if we didn’t suggest you check out some of the great museums in Tucson. There are countless options for everything from art to history and beyond. Here is a list of the top 10 museums in Tucson which is a great place to start your Tucson bucket list for 2018.

Go Hiking 

Hiking is a great option for your Tucson bucket list this year! We’ve chatting with you before about some of the best hiking trails in Tucson. Check out that info here. You can get some exercise, see the beautiful and unique nature that surrounds Tucson, and enjoy some awesome hikes.

Head Out To Callaghan Vineyards 

About an hour south of Tucson there is a great spot for your Tucson bucket list…Callaghan Vineyards. Callaghan Vineyards has won awards, has a tasting room (open from Thursday to Sunday from 11am-5pm), and it makes a great spot for a girls night or a romantic date spot. If there is anyone in your life who enjoys wine, this is a great spot to check out.

Go Shopping

Tucson has some unique boutiques. If you love to shop, add some of these unique and one of a kind spots to your Tucson bucket list this year! It’s never a bad time to go shopping and by shopping at these kinds of places you will be supporting the local economy and learning a little bit about the inspiration for each.

Win A Round Of Trivia 

Do you ever head out to the local bars or breweries to play trivia? There are actually some great spots in Tucson for trivia night! Check out this post all about it. Make it your mission to check out all of these great spots for trivia night in Tucson and you can add winning a round of trivia to your Tucson bucket list this year.

Make Your Pets Happy 

If you are a pet owner you can get them in on the Tucson bucket list fun as well! This year, make it your goal to help your pet have a great year too! Below are some links for ways you can include them in your fun for 2018!

Restaurants that are Pet Friendly in Tucson 

Pet Friendly Hiking Trails 

Pet Friendly Patios in Tucson 

Plan the Perfect Date

2018 can be the perfect time to plan the perfect date night! Here are a few places that are great for a first date! That might be a lot of pressure, the perfect FIRST date….but these places will make it easy for you to choose a great spot. Go the extra mile and plan the perfect date this year. Your significant other will appreciate it!

Are you ready to take on a new year? We are bringing you our Tucson Bucket List: 10 things You Must do in 2018.