As children, the idea of summer school had us frightened we would miss out on fun activities with friends or family. As an adult, summer courses or programs are great ways to further our careers, learn something new or just meet new people. Summer is the perfect time for these classes and courses because they’re usually shorter in terms of time, don’t take years to complete and can be a welcomed break from the mundane. It’s exciting to learn something new or further improve upon skills we already have. Here are some of Tucson’s classes for young adults!

Pima Community College

Pima Community College offers plenty in the way of summer courses or programs. Mostly these courses are noncredit classes, but a few are certificate courses. You can take the courses you choose online or in the classroom, and they range from professional to sports and personal expression courses. Some examples include Computer Education, Hiking, Parenting, Home Maintenance, and several Culinary options.


The Drawing Studio

Looking to learn a new form of art and personal expression? Get those emotions out and into physical form at the Drawing Studio in Tucson! Summer course for adults are available here all year long but are definitely easier to schedule during the summer. The best part is, the classes range from beginner to advanced techniques. .

Astronomy Camp

Reach for the stars at Astronomy Camp and broaden your horizons. Learn about space and maybe even get a few answers to some of those existential questions you’ve been asking. Here, they have courses for both teens and adults and encourage people to wonder and see life from a new perspective.

Astrophotographer John Chumack's setup left , with Barry Craig Center , and Ron Whitehead( right)
Astrophotographer John Chumack’s setup left , with Barry Craig Center , and Ron Whitehead( right)

University of Arizona

So. many. classes. That’s the motto for the U of A summer camps! If you’re in search of something in the professional realm, head over to the University of Arizona during the summer. Here, you can enter programs that cover topics like history, archeology, music, classics, science and more. Each class is about 2-3 hours long, perfect for a short break from daily life to learn something new.

Tucson Racquet Club

Get active as the sun sets and the air gets cooler at the Tucson Racquet Club. For adults only, these classes run throughout the week during summer. You don’t need to have tennis experience, because you will learn it all! The Tucson Racquet Club welcomes players of all ability levels.

Circus Academy Tucson

Did you dream of running away and joining the circus as a child? Maybe it’s not as popular of a dream as it once was, but you can still learn how to be a trapeze pro. The Circus Academy of Tucson holds courses for people of all ages and you can learn how silks and contortion skills, tightrope, globe walking, rola bola, and stilts. There are many different skills you can learn and just let your inner child have fun.

Circus Academy of Tucson: Silks Class

Academy of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz

If you’ve always wanted to learn ballet but thought you were too old to do it now, you were wrong. The Academy of Ballet, Tap, and Jazz teaches courses to students of all ages. Get professional training in different types of dance and maybe even perform in front of your peers! 

Tucson's Summer Classes for Young Adults