After a hectic week, cleaning up your home can be overhwelming. Instead of waiting to tackle all of the messes at once, there are simple daily habits you can incorporate that will limit mess and stress. Try these 7 simple daily habits that will make cleaning easier for you in the long run!

7 Simple Daily Habits to Make Cleaning Easier for You

Try these 7 simple daily habits that will make cleaning easier for you in the long run!

Make a Schedule

Make a schedule and write it down for the first two or three weeks. This is the easiest of the simple daily habits that you can use to make cleaning easier. Choose just one room a day to tidy and clean. Make a note to throw in a load of laundry a few days each week (depending on how many loads you typically have). Having a schedule in place will make it easier to tackle the cleaning instead of leaving it all for one day.

Use Rubber Gloves for Pet Hair

Did you know that rubber gloves are a great way to clean pet hair from furniture, carpet, and other soft or fabric surfaces?! If you have pets you can use a pair of rubber kitchen gloves to gather hair from soft surfaces before you vacuum! It’s also an easy way to spot clean between days that you vacuum!

15 Minute Nightly Clean Up

Take 15 minutes at the end of each day to do a quick walk through and clean up. These few moments at the end of the day mean you can start fresh in the morning without the stress of clutter and messes. This is an easy and quick choice for simple daily habits that will make cleaning easier for you in the long run.

Always Make the Bed

This is a big one. Start the day off right. Always making the bed means that you start off the day by thinking of a tidy and organized mindset. It also means that you get to crawl into a perfectly made bed at night which always feels amazing!


If you get rid of things that you don’t need, don’t love, or just flat out don’t want, those are less items you have clean and organize. Learn how to declutter here.

Stay Vigilant, Don’t Get Lazy

It can be easy to say “I’ll get it later” or “I’ll do that tonight” but if you just clean up as you go, the job is much less difficult. Little things like putting dirty dishes right into the dishwasher or scrubbing up pots as soon as dinner is finished. This goes for putting laundry away, wiping down counters, and picking up after kids and pets. Don’t leave it to pile up. The little messes are much easier to address whenever you see them!

Get the Family, Kids, and Roommates Involved

It’s easier to keep the house clean and tidy if you involve everyone who lives there! It’s a shame we haven’t figured out how to train the pets to do the cleaning yet! But alas, part of living with roommates or your family is delegating appropriate chores and cleaning tasks.  You will feel less stressed and overwhelmed about the duties if everyone is pitching in and helping out! Learn how to deal with a messy roommate right here…just in case that’s a problem!