8 Creative Ways You Can Use Wallpaper in Your Apartment

We are going to highlight 8 different ways to use wallpaper as a fun and creative DIY or decorative project. These fun ways to use wallpaper in your apartment are great for customizing the space to your tastes! All of these projects are totally DIY friendly. You don’t have to stress about being able to […]

7 Simple Daily Habits to Make Cleaning Easier for You

After a hectic week, cleaning up your home can be overhwelming. Instead of waiting to tackle all of the messes at once, there are simple daily habits you can incorporate that will limit mess and stress. Try these 7 simple daily habits that will make cleaning easier for you in the long run! 7 Simple […]

Decluttering 101: How to Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

Going through your apartment and decluttering can be a challenge. You pick up items and think “but maybe one day I’ll use this” and your “give away” pile doesn’t seem to grow. That’s why you need to follow these essential tips for decluttering and getting rid of things you really don’t need anymore! Decluttering 101: […]

How to Stay Cool and Sleep Better on Hot Summer Nights

Is the heat getting to you? Tired of the summer heat? Struggling to sleep because you are just too hot at night? We’re bringing you tips to help you stay cool at night and get a better night sleep. How to Stay Cool and Sleep Better on Hot Summer Nights Proper Pajamas This might seem […]