Summer in Arizona means it’s time to get outdoors and have new experiences. During the summer, we all have a chance to relax and do things we don’t normally have time to do. It’s called summer break for a reason, and everyone should take advantage of the season! Arizona offers plenty in the way of outdoor activities but also great ways to beat the heat as well. Whether your goal is to get some sun or to stay cool, there is something for you in Arizona.

Wondering what to do with your summer? Arizona has a ton of amazing road trip destinations!

Garland’s Lodge

Garland’s Lodge is a place where you can experience the nature of Sedona Arizona in a luxurious way. The lodge offers experiences like the Pink Jeep Tours, hot air balloon trips and dining options that are out of this world. Garland’s is one of the best ways to see Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon.

Garland's Lodge in Sedona

Lake Powell 

In northern Arizona is Lake Powell a lake that unites Arizona with Utah. Over 2,000 miles of shoreline make Lake Powell a must see and do in the summer. The water is warm and ready for you to play in via boat, jet ski, wakeboard or any other form of water vehicle you’d like to use. It is truly the best, natural water playground in all of Arizona.

Grand Canyon 

The Grand Canyon is an American classic vacation spot and has been for years. The South Rim is one of the most visited parts of the Grand Canyon thanks to its stunning views and many things to do. There are many different tours to take and multiple ways to see the Grand Canyon.

Titan Missile Museum 

The Cold War was a time when America and the world were on the edge of their seats. Take a journey into the past and see what it was like to live through the Cold War at the Titan Missile Museum. In fact, the museum is built on the Titan II missile site itself. Making it the perfect place to learn some history and get a feel for it as you stand right in the middle of it all.

Meteor Crater

Northern Arizona is where you can see the physical side effects of a meteor crashing down to Earth in one of the best-preserved crash sites in the world. The Meteor Crater was left behind after an asteroid hit the Earth traveling at 26,000 miles per hour approximately 50,000 years ago. It is one of the most exciting and inspiring things to see in Arizona.

Horseshoe Bend 

The Horseshoe Bend is part of the Colorado river that enters Arizona. It is a horseshoe shaped curve in the river that is accessible via hiking. Though there are more ways to see the curve as well. You can hop in a helicopter from the Grand Canyon or from Lake Powell you can take a raft down into the curve itself. So many fun ways to see nature and its beauty that you will want to try them all.

Antelope Canyon

If you’ve never seen a slot canyon in person then now is your chance. Head over to Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon east of Page, Arizona. This canyon is one of the most photogenic and popular parts of Arizona. Take a tour through Navajo owned land and grab a few picture perfect shots of your very own.


Route 66 is one of the most well-known routes taken by travelers since 1926. The route goes all the way from Los Angeles to Chicago. While most of the route is still intact, some of it no longer exists. That’s why it’s always a great idea to visit this part of our history before it’s gone forever.


When you think about taking a safari, you don’t often think about heading to Arizona, but you should. BeArizona is a wildlife park that is about 160 acres of Ponderosa Pine forest and wildlife. You can drive down three miles of nature on a tour, walk through a 20-acre walk-thru area and just enjoy nature.

Out of Africa Animal Park

Ready to take your next zoo visit to the next level? You can do that here at Out of Africa Animal Park. See shows like Tiger Splash, or get up close and personal with some of the animals with Creature Feature. There is so much to do at Out of Africa Animal Park that you just need to go and experience it all.

Wondering what to do with your summer? Arizona has a ton of amazing road trip destinations!