For a long time, people have thought of gourmet food as only coming from a professional kitchen. Most often, that kitchen is found in the back end of a fancy restaurant and the menu has always had double, or even triple digit prices. However, America is learning that gourmet food doesn’t have to come from a fancy restaurant and most importantly, it doesn’t have to empty out your wallet. Gourmet food can come from your friends or neighbors. It can be portable and come on a paper plate or cardboard carrier. The only true requirement of gourmet food is that it taste amazing. The gourmet food that I’m talking about… comes from food trucks. Food truck owners are usually those who have a serious love of preparing amazing food, but not quite enough capital to purchase a brick and mortar restaurant. Gourmet food trucks have popped up all over the country with different cuisines and cultural backgrounds. In Tucson, these food trucks offer different options and turn your quick meal into a gourmet experience. Here are our picks for the Best Food Trucks in Tucson. 

Looking for the best food trucks in Tucson? Look no further! We're sharing our personal favorites as well as how you can keep up with their schedules!

The Best Food Trucks in Tucson

Trucks are linked to their Facebook page so you can stay up to date about where they’ll be next!

BBQ Rush

You don’t need fancy to be delicious! This plain white truck identifies itself as BBQ Rush, and the food they bring to the table… or, truck… is amazing! You have to try: the mesquite-wood smoked brisket!

Bugaloo’s Soft Serve Ice Cream Truck

Craving something sweet? Bugaloo’s is where you can get your soft serve sundaes and cones, which have been hailed as the best in Tucson. Here in the desert, a mobile ice cream truck is a huge treat! You have to try: their Turtle Sundae!

Jackie’s Food Court

A mother-daughter team to be reckoned with, Jackie’s Food Court serves up tasty comfort American food such as cheesesteak, grilled cheese, and hot dogs. Jackie’s also has several vegetarian options! You have to try: The Angus bacon cheeseburger with fresh cut fries! 

Planet of The Crepes

Most food trucks also have really fun names that make them easy to remember and even search for when you want them. Planet of The Crepes can usually be found near farmer’s markets in Tucson. Locally grown and supplied foods are turned into delicious crepes with this food truck. You have to try: If you’re lucky enough to visit Planet of the Crepes while they have Crepe Cake, make sure to try a slice–we hear it’s amazing!

You Sly Dog

A 5-star food truck, You Sly Dog is definitely a Tucson favorite! Try the Sonoran: An all beef hot dog wrapped in thick bacon and topped with homemade ranch pinto beans, chopped tomato, red onion, jalapeno, mayo, yellow mustard & queso fresco. You have to try: Ask if they have their cereal bars… you and your kids will LOVE them! 


Looking for the best food trucks in Tucson? Look no further! We're sharing our personal favorites as well as how you can keep up with their schedules!







While we are very excited for our friends at Serial Grillers, we have to admit that we’re a little sad that they’ve outgrown their Food Truck and opened a brick and mortar building. This is a great example of what local support can mean to a business, so make sure to get out there and support your local Food Trucks and the restaurants they open!


Where can you find the best food trucks in Tucson? The  Tucson Food Truck Round Up!

Another awesome side effect of food going mobile and being cooked out of trucks are events like the Food Truck Round Up. Here, food trucks partner together and gather in a specific place during lunch or dinner. This gives families many different options for their meal and creates a friendly community environment. Check their website to see where the Food Truck Round Ups will be tonight!