There are plenty of options when it comes to dining out in Tucson. One of the best food choices can actually be found in many locations. Tacos are a favorite among Tucson locals and visitors alike. There is even a whole day dedicated to tacos, taco Tuesday! Whether it’s Tuesday or not, head out to get your hands on some of the best tacos in Tucson.

The Best Tacos in Tucson:

You can't go wrong when ordering a Tacos in Tucson. These are some of the best places to order Tacos in Tucson, check them out the next time you need a taco

Mi Nidito | 1813 S.4th Avenue

Mi Nidito has been serving up great eats in Tucson since 1952 and has even served the likes of Bill Clinton, Enrique Iglesias, and many more. You know you’ve chosen a great spot for a taco or two when the restaurant has also served the president of the United States! 

El Guero Canelo | Multiple Locations

The history of El Guero Canelo started with a single hot dog stand in Sonora. From that hot dog stand grew a passion for bringing great food to people everywhere. Now, they have a full restaurant in Arizona. El Guero Canelo remembers their history and has brought that same idea of great food from Sonora to Tucson.

Taco Fish | 4841 S 12th Avenue

Everyone has a dream, for some, that dream comes to fruition. The road to that goal isn’t always easy, but from hardship and dedication come great things. The idea of a dream is on display in every dish at Taco Fish in Tucson. What started as a food stand with a blue tarp tent has grown into a bustling restaurant business that offers up some of the best seafood tacos in the area! 

Taqueria Pico de Gallo | 2618 S. 6th Avenue

To be the best you don’t always have to own a fancy restaurant setting with sky high prices and fine wines. Take Taqueria Pico de Gallo for example, they have managed to provides us with some of the best fish tacos around without the high prices of fine dining restaurants.

El Charro Cafe | 311 N. Court Avenue

Tucson is home to not only some of the best tacos in the nation but also to one of the oldest Mexican restaurants. El Charro Cafe has been serving up tacos since 1922. The cafe has always been a favorite thanks to their cooking style that combines traditional Mexico-Sonoran style with new Tucson methods.

Mariscos Chihuahua | 1009 N. Grande Avenue

When a restaurant refers to themselves as a family it usually means that the food, service, and atmosphere are open and inviting, like visiting a friend’s house. Mariscos Chihuahua started out as a food stand in 1971. The food stand was owned and operated by a family. Over the years, the food stand grew in popularity. One thing they have never lost is their small town ideals. The use local ingredients, fresh food, and the excellent service has never changed.

Aqui Con El Nene | Food Stand

There is nothing like a good home cooked meal and at Aqui Con El Nene you can get just that. Locals love coming to Aqui Con El Nene thanks to their innovative ways of serving up tacos. The Taco Yaqui is one of the best tacos in Tucson. 

Guiso’s: Mexican Soul Food | 2120 W. Ruthrauff Road

If you’ve traveled to Mexico you know that each area has their way of doing things. Order a fish taco in Jalisco and get something very different in Mexico City. That Mexico City style has been brought to Tucson thanks to Guiso’s Mexican Soul Food. The tacos are something you will consider good for the soul, and amazing for the taste buds.

El Ta’ Comiendo | Food Truck

The tacos found at El Ta’ Comiendo may not be the neatest tacos to eat but that is one of the things that makes them the best! The star of these tacos is always the meat. People love the different meats so much that they added them to their menu for your to take home! 

You can't go wrong when ordering a Tacos in Tucson. These are some of the best places to order Tacos in Tucson, check them out the next time you need a taco

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