do you want extra holiday cash

The holiday season is here and that means spending money on gifts, holiday travel and more. But what if there was something easy you could do to make a little extra holiday cash? MCLife Tucson is bringing you an easy way to receive $200!

What do you need to do? Just refer your friends, family or co-workers to one of our MC Communities and when they move-in, you receive a $200 rent credit. It’s that easy!

Just be sure that you tell them to mark “resident referral” on their guest card when they visit the community!

Instead of spending $200 on rent, spend it on gifts for the people on your holiday list! The resident referral program is a way to reward you for bringing new people into our MCLife communities.

Remember to refer a friend, family or co-worker and you’ll be feeling festive with an extra $200 in your pocket.

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