Every January, people start out on their new years resolutions but it can be hard to stick to the plan. To help you out with your 2017 fitness resolutions, we have gyms, fitness clubs, and hiking trails to help you reach your goals. The great thing about Tucson is that there are so many beautiful days. You can exercise outdoors and that can be a great way to figure out how to keep new years resolutions. When you feel like faltering from the plan and you think you can’t stick with the gym or classes, you can just head outside and take a hike…literally!

How to Keep New Years Resolutions:

These fitness options will help you figure out how to keep new years resolutions! There are plenty of gyms in Tucson along with outdoor options!

There is no surefire way method for how to keep new years resolutions. Unfortunately we are all unique and we all require different things to keep us motivated and on track. Some overall ideas that might help us all are pretty simple though. Write down your goals! It’s important to see your goals on a daily basis. Another great idea is to work in a buddy system. Find a friend with similar goals and help keep each other motivated, being held accountable can really make all the difference. Finally, have a backup plan. There will come a day…or a week when you realize that there is a big gap between where you are going and where you are, discouragement can happen easily when trying to figure out how to keep new years resolutions. If you have a secondary plan you will have something to fall back on when you get sick of your current situation. Maybe you usually take a spin class but today you just can’t bare the thought of going…plan a hike with friends, take the dog for a run, or maybe you just need to take an actual bike ride outside instead. These types of backup plans will keep you from falling away from  your goals entirely.

Gyms in Tucson

There are tons of local and chain gyms in Tucson. You can see all of the great options here.

Snap Fitness

Located in the Broadway East Plaza Snap Fitness is a great choice. They offer a 30 day free trial, 24/7 access, and they also have private and semi-private training options. Your membership at Snap Fitness is good for all of their locations and there are four others in the Tucson area!! A single membership is just $36 per month. You can also get a family membership that would be $65 and include two adults and two minors all living at the same address. If you are living at any of our Tucson locations there is a Snap Fitness location near you! Check out the options here.

Planet Fitness Tucson

Conveniently located in the Tucson Mall this Planet Fitness is like all the rest. Easy to join, 24/7 access, lots of great equipment and no judgement! No matter where you are located in Tucson Planet Fitness is a great option, its easy to get to and they have lots of classes you can check out here. You might not want to join a class but perhaps there is something that will pique your interest and keep you coming back more regularly! Right now they have a special running that costs just $1 to sign up and then $10 per month with no contract! It’s the most affordable option in the Tucson area. Here are the commute times from our Tucson Communities:

The Place at Creekside – 30 minutes

The Place at Canyon Ridge – 20 minutes

The Place at Rock Ridge – 12 minutes

The Place at Broadway East – 28 minutes

The Place at Wilmont North – 28 minutes

The Place at Spanish Trail – 33 minutes

The Place at Twenty Two – 38 minutes

The Place at Nine90 – 5 minutes

The Place at 2120 – 15 minutes

The Place at 7400 – 32 minutes

The Place at Edgewood – 31 minutes

The Place of Presidio Trails – 34 minutes

The Place at Savannah Springs – 1 hr. 26 minutes

The Place at Village at the Foothills – 17 minutes

This means that with only one exception, you are within 40 minutes or less of a great club that offers not only classes and workout options 24/7, but it’s also really cheap! A great option for sure, this is a cheap way to help figure out how to keep new years resolutions in Tucson!

Hiking in Tucson

In case you missed it, you can check out all of the great hiking trails in Tucson that are near many of our communities. If you don’t like being cooped up in a gym to exercise you might take advantage of the great hiking trails in and around Tucson. Many of our communities are located near the national parks and forests in Tucson, you can get some exercise, enjoy the great outdoors, and work towards your new years resolutions all at the same time!

Yoga Studios in Tucson

Finally, we need to talk about Yoga Studios! There are a few great ones in Tucson that are well worth the time and money if you are interested in beginning or advancing your yoga journey this year. These Tucson yoga studios are fantastic for both learning and advancing your current yoga knowledge. Here you can find all of the Yoga options in Tucson. There are also some Barre studios for something a bit different!

Yoga Connection

This is a highly rated studio in central Tucson. Located at . You can find their current scheduled here. You can check out their fees here, they offer discounts for auto pay, students, seniors, and more. You can get a lot of bang for your buck with daily classes and well trained teachers! If you feel like popping by for a class you can do so at just $12 per class, midday classes are even cheaper!

Arizona Power Yoga

This is another highly rated yoga studio in Tucson. Located more northern than Yoga Connection Arizona Power Yoga is a great option for those of you living in our communities that are a bit further out and closer to the Oro valley! Their address is you can check out their website here. They offer monthly, unlimited, individual class, and multi class passes. Ranging in price but right around $10 per class and they’re happy to have you drop in to check out something new! Their class scheduled is available here.

Hopefully these options will help keep you on track and focused. There’s no right or wrong way to attack the problem of how to keep new years resolutions. Finding a mix of all the best options might help keep you focused and fit their year!