Is the heat getting to you? Tired of the summer heat? Struggling to sleep because you are just too hot at night? We’re bringing you tips to help you stay cool at night and get a better night sleep.

How to Stay Cool and Sleep Better on Hot Summer Nights

How to Stay Cool and Sleep Better on Hot Summer Nights

Proper Pajamas

This might seem like common sense but a big part of how we sleep at night is our clothing! Make sure you have material that is breathable, loose, and comfortable for sleeping. Natural materials will breathe better and allow your body to regulate your temperature naturally. This will all mean you can stay cool and sleep better on hot summer nights.

Consistent Temperature Control

It is more energy efficient to keep a space at one temperature than it is to constantly be cooling or heating the space up and down. Stick with a consistent temperature and it will be energy efficient and easier to sleep! During the summer you want to keep your sleeping space at a consistent temperature. Not too cold and not too hot. A consistent temperature in the room will help you to get to sleep and stay that way!

Freezer Pillows

This one might sound kooky but hear me out! If you enjoy a nice cool pillow you might try freezing your pillow during the day and pulling it out in the evening for bed. The cooling feeling on your head and neck will help you be comfortable and relaxed, the added benefit of killing bacteria is also a plus!

Light Layers

Sleep with blankets in light layers. Instead of sheet and comforter it might make more sense to use a lighter blanket or even two sheets instead of one with a comforter on top. The light layers will not only help you regulate temperature more easily, they are physically lighter. Without all that bulk you will feel more comfortable and at ease for a good nights rest.

Air Circulation

If you don’t want to run an air conditioner, or if an a/c unit is not an option, think about air circulation….Keep air moving and it will create a cooler environment. Run a fan or create a natural breeze with open windows. A great tip is to open windows at the top. Heat rises and the hot air will circulate at the top of the room keeping you cooler below. This is also a great tip if you are nervous about leaving windows unlocked. Opening them at the top makes it more difficult for anyone to tamper with the screens!

Hydration is Key

Did you know that your body can regulate your temperature more effectively if you are properly hydrated? It’s important to stay hydrated but keeping yourself hydrated can also help keep you more comfortable so you can stay cool and sleep better on hot summer nights. Staying hydrated all day long is key, don’t try and drink all of your water directly before bed or you’ll be up all night anyway!!

Lights Out

Even energy efficient lights can give off heat. The same goes for electronics and televisions. Turn off the unnecessary devices and lights before you try and head to bed. Taking away any unnecessary heat can mean a cooler and more restful night of sleep.

Shower Up

A cool shower before you head to bed or even a quick rinse can help drop your body temperature a few degrees and allow you to get a better nights sleep. If you want to stay cool and sleep better on hot summer nights try taking a cool bath or shower before you turn in for the night!