If you’ve ever considered a move (or visit) to Sierra Vista then this is your lucky day…We’re rounding up all the highlights about Sierra Vista, AZ so that you can see if it is the perfect fit. There are a lot of great aspects to living in Sierra Vista, here are the highlights!

Living in Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista is a gorgeous location in Arizona with a rich history and popular destinations. It's a great place to live, raise a family, and explore!

MCLife Community: The Place at Savanna Springs

Like all of the great MCLife communities The Place at Savanna Springs features the Good Life Promises, our amazing We Love Pets Policy, and of course it’s decked out with amenities, staff, and members who love living the MCLife. Located just 75 miles south of Tucson it’s part of a hub of great cities with happening night life, great schools, and even better natural views. There are a great variety of apartment types available for rent. Ranging between 1 and 3 bedrooms there is something to suit all of your needs no matter how big or small.

What it is Like?

Sierra Vista is a great place to live for a couple of reasons, one of which is the climate. The climate is great, it’s dry, it’s warm most of the year, and you can’t go wrong with all that sunshine. The natural landscape is varied for those of you who enjoy hiking or outdoor sports. The San Pedro River runs just south of the city and adds to the diversity of the landscape in Sierra Vista. The population density is just over 280 people per square mile. The city is quite popular and very diverse.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Sierra Vista is on point with the national average. It is not statistically more or less expensive to live in Sierra Vista than it is to live elsewhere in the US. In terms of value for money I think it’s fair to say that Sierra Vista gets you a bit more for your money! There is a popular Army base located in Sierra Vista and that aids in the population stability of the area. It also helps with the crime rate and other variables of life in the city.

Things to Do / Recreation

 Living in Sierra Vista is great when it comes to recreation. There are several great local spots that make Sierra Vista popular. The Cove for instance is an amazing water feature. It includes Olympic sized pool lanes for swimming, a wave pool, a kids pool, a 0′ depth beach entry depth and more. Along with the typical stores and local shops Sierra Vista is home to a 400,000 square foot shopping mall. You can never be bored in Sierra Vista! Because of the diverse population and Southern locale the food in Sierra Vista is equally varied and delicious. You can find a variety of food choices from all different cultures and traditions. Fort Huachuca is both functional and historic, there is a dedicated museum and an active military base so you can really get the full experience throughout history and into the present day.

Getting Around

Sierra Vista has it’s own public transport system! Vista Transit has an entire network of transportation options for anyone living in or visiting Sierra Vista. Vista Transit makes getting around in Sierra Vista simple and easy. Resources are much more accessible thanks to the Vista Transit system.

Overall life in Sierra Vista is pleasant and calm. You get the benefits of the big city and all of it’s cultural diversity without sacrificing the beauty and outdoor life of the more rural areas!