How to Find the Right Apartment For You

If you are looking for some apartment advice, and some ways to find the right apartment for you, this post is for you! You can find the perfect apartment, it’s easier than you might think. Here are some apartment advice tips and tricks to help make finding the perfect apartment easier for you! How to […]

5 DIY Hacks to Decorate on a Budget

Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive, you can make your home look great without spending a lot of money. Use these DIY tips to decorate on a budget. DIY hacks to decorate on a budget are great for homes and especially an apartment. There’s not always a lot of space to work with and even […]

Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Tucson

St. Patrick’s Day is on Friday March 17th so get out and have some fun. We’ve picked some of the best places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Tucson. This is such a fun holiday that you can celebrate with friends, family, and even strangers if need be. Break out your Irish spirit and your […]

Everything You Need to Know About Sierra Vista

If you’ve ever considered a move (or visit) to Sierra Vista then this is your lucky day…We’re rounding up all the highlights about Sierra Vista, AZ so that you can see if it is the perfect fit. There are a lot of great aspects to living in Sierra Vista, here are the highlights! Living in […]

Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Dogs are delightful companions, but they can also increase the number of household cleaning tasks you need to do on a regular basis. Lucky for you, we have some cleaning tips for dog owners that can help keep your home clean and your pup happy. From coping with odors to preventing food messes and dealing […]

Apartment Decorating Tips

The benefits of a smaller apartment definitely outweigh the downsides. Less rent, less space to worry about, plus… there is a cozy feeling about that space. While one might think that decorating for a smaller space is easier, it may in fact be more difficult. Luckily, there have been many others before you and they’re […]

Great Strides Tucson: A Success Story

The Great Strides Tucson walk was a huge success on Sunday March 29, 2015. We had a great turnout from Team MCLife Tucson. In total we raised $2,729 in donations for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We are so proud of Team MCLife Tucson and appreciate all of their efforts. One of our residents, Jeremy Webster, […]

Cycling in Tucson

Image of lone cyclist riding on a road with lush dessert mountains in the background.

Arizona is well known for its weather and desert landscape. We’ve got roads and trails that stretch for miles across flat, winding and rugged terrain. While the summer months may be sweltering, we have temperate winter, spring and fall seasons that make us ideal for outdoor activities. Our weather happens to be the #1 reason […]

Dog Friendly Patios in Tucson

Image of woman holding a corgi dog on the patio of a restaurant. Text describes the article about dog friendly patios in tucson.

Here at MCLife, we LOVE pets! That’s why our pet policy doesn’t have breed, size or weight restrictions. We believe in sharing the good life with you and your four legged friends so we are going to give you tips for the best dog friendly patios, bars, restaurants & spots around Tucson. Dog Friendly Patios: […]

Hosting a Valentine’s Day Party!

Picture of man covering womans eyes to surprise her with Valentine's Day gift. Text about hosting a Valentine's Day Party.

Valentine’s Day is next weekend so you know what that means: everything is going to be pink, red and covered in hearts. Instead of going out, why not stay in? Gather up other couples, or all of your single friends and host a Valentine’s Day party in your apartment. MC is all about sharing the […]