Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

Dogs are delightful companions, but they can also increase the number of household cleaning tasks you need to do on a regular basis. Lucky for you, we have some cleaning tips for dog owners that can help keep your home clean and your pup happy. From coping with odors to preventing food messes and dealing with shedding, these pet friendly cleaning tips will help you keep things tidy and neat – and allow you to fully enjoy the time you spend with your pet, too.

Get Rid of Odors

While you can reach for a spray can full of disinfectant, there is a better deodorizer lurking in your pantry. Baking soda can help eliminate stale doggy odors and give your home a fresh new start. The same odor eating power that makes baking soda a natural deodorizer for your refrigerator works on your carpets and furniture. As a bonus, baking soda won’t harm you or your pet, even if he runs through it before you are done cleaning up.

To use, sprinkle the carpet or upholstered furniture generously with baking soda, and allow the powder to sit for at least 30 minutes. Vacuum up the baking soda and enjoy odor free living, at least for a little while. Baking soda is so dog safe that pet experts at PetMD recommend you apply the powder directly to your pup for a quick and effective dry shampoo. Dog smells can be one of the hardest things to eliminate so using these easy cleaning tips for dog owners can help you keep your home smelling fresh.

Keep up with Food Messes

Pet experts at Martha Stewart Living recommend using a doggie place mat to make it easy to keep your pet’s food and water area clean. The mat protects your floor and is easily removed and cleaned or replaced as needed. Using a hard sided, pet proof container for food can keep your dog from making a mess or chewing up the bag his food comes in; Indestructible or hard to destroy toys can also help keep your home clear of dog related messes.

Secure the Trash

Even a single can or bag of kitchen trash can cause hours of cleanup if your dog gets into it at the wrong time; some of the food you’ve thrown away can also pose a hazard to your pets, so securing your trash is a must. Invest in a can with a locking lid to ensure that you don’t come home to a trash-strewn kitchen – and that your dog doesn’t feast on chicken bones, chocolate and other food hazards.

Use a Crate

Even the best trained dog can get into mischief when left unattended. If you have a chewer and want to save the furniture, your wardrobe and other household objects, crating your dog while you are out can cut down on the amount of trouble he can get in while he is unsupervised. If your pup is still struggling with house training, then a crate can also help him get the hang of the whole “use the bathroom outside” concept, too.

Pet Friendly Vacuums

A vacuum specifically designed for pet hair can help you keep your home free of allergens and shed fur, particularly in the springtime. Vacuum regular if your dog is shedding (and even short haired breeds shed a surprising amount of hair) and invest in a good lint roller as well.

Even if you do not see a lot of hair, regular vacuuming can improve your indoor air quality; regularly changing your home air filters can help with pet hair and dander as well.

Clean your Paws

Set up an easy cleanup station near the entrance to your home for days when it is rainy or muddy. A quick wipe down of paws can save your floors and save you a lot of cleanup time. Investing in a good door mat or area rug can also help preserve your floors and prevent you from constantly coping with pup related cleanup right inside the front or back door of your home.

From preventing messes in the first place to proactively tackling shedding and odors, incorporating these tips into your cleaning routine will help you create a safe and clean home for your whole family. Hopefully these helpful cleaning tips for dog owners will help you in your everyday life.

Cleaning tips for dog owners is exactly what dog owners need. Especially since dogs will never be taught to clean up after themselves.