Fun Festivals and Events Around Tucson This Month

Have some fun this month at these festivals and events around Tucson. Below we highlight events around town, with details on dates/times, admission pricing and details on the event so you can plan out your fun fall events for both family outings and more adult options as well! Fun Festivals and Events Around Tucson This […]

Where to Find Great Live Music in Tucson

There’s nothing quite like live music and Tucson has plenty of it. Whether you’re looking for open mic nights with local artists, rock, country or folk – Tucson has it all. Live music in Tucson has the added benefit of being in a great location, you can please more of your senses all at once! […]

Where to Find the Best Margaritas in Tucson

Every foodie knows that there are places in town where you can get the best taco, or the best burger. There are also places to go when you want the best margarita. And in Tucson, “the best” is no small title. Here’s where to find the best margaritas in Tucson.  Where to Find the Best Margaritas in […]

Hiking Trails in Tucson: North and West

It is very easy to get in touch with nature when you live or vacation in Tucson. One of the best ways to experience the natural wonders of the area is to go on a hike. There are numerous trails throughout Tucson. Some of the best trails can be found in North and West Tucson. There […]

Crossfit Gyms in Tucson

CrossFit is taking over the nation as the best way to get your workout in for the day. It’s a simple concept that if done right, can be a great way to get fit and maintain that fitness level. On a basic level,CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that utilizes high intensity workouts spread […]

The Best Places to Hike in Oro Valley

Oro Valley is home to many different types of trails. There are trails made for hiking, walking, skating, bicycle riding, and horseback riding, and they’re meant to allow us to get closer to the nature that is right outside our doors, but feels so far away at times. How many times have you driven down the […]

Hiking Trails in Tucson

Image of woman carrying a water bottle while hiking in the desert. She is walking in a wash between small desert mountains.

Telling someone to take a hike used to be a bad thing, but in Southeast and East Tucson, it’s a welcomed command. The hiking trails in Tucson are beautiful, and you’ll feel at home there whether you’re working out, chatting with friends, or relaxing and gaining a new perspective on life. Hiking the Tucson trails […]

Where to Eat in West Tucson

A salad with chickpeas and cauliflower. Text to the right of the image shares the title of the article.

While some people may disregard Tucson as a food city, there are a lot of GREAT restaurants making Tucson a foodie haven. We have the best West Tucson eateries near The Place at Canyon Ridge. These neighborhood gems are some of our favorite spots to stop in for a spicy lunch, hearty brunch or seasonal […]

Manage Stress with Yoga

Stress is a fact of life. Our stress response can be positive in situations that alert us to danger. Those same stress responses can have negative effects on our minds and bodies if they continue when we no longer need to be on alert. Sustained stress can contribute to high blood pressure, chest pain, problems […]

Cycling in Tucson

Image of lone cyclist riding on a road with lush dessert mountains in the background.

Arizona is well known for its weather and desert landscape. We’ve got roads and trails that stretch for miles across flat, winding and rugged terrain. While the summer months may be sweltering, we have temperate winter, spring and fall seasons that make us ideal for outdoor activities. Our weather happens to be the #1 reason […]