Where to Hike Around Sierra Vista

Sierra Vista is surrounded by the beautiful Southwest desert. A popular destination for nature lovers, birders, and hikers. Sierra Vista has incredible hiking trails. We’ve picked out some of our favorite places to hike around Sierra Vista. For those of you looking to try something new this year, these great places to hike around Sierra […]

10 Tucson Hiking Trails You Must Try

Tucson hiking trails are a popular outdoor recreational activity. It’s a great way to get some exercise but it is also an amazing way to experience the beautiful natural scenery in Tucson and the surrounding areas. If getting outside to exercise and experience the world around you is one of your goals this year, consider […]

Best Camping Spots Around Tucson

Camping is all about getting out there to enjoy nature. Arizona is the perfect location for campers. There are incredible landscape views, warm nights, and the wildlife that fills the desert is truly incredible. All of these elements make Arizona one of the best places for campers. Tucson, Arizona is a particularly popular tourist destination. […]

Best Outdoor Patios in Tucson

One of the biggest draws in the Tucson area is the weather. No matter what you are planning to do here in town, it’s a given that the great outdoors should be a part of that! When you are deciding on a restaurant you should check out some of the best outdoor patios in Tucson, […]

Where to Go Rock Climbing in Tucson

Where to Go Rock Climbing in Tucson Hiking in Tucson and the surrounding areas is a great way to see nature. If you are looking for a more adventurous option there is another way to see it all that’s a bit more extreme! By utilizing the natural rock formations that can be found all around […]

Tips For Staying Cool This Summer

During the summer, the temperature rises but our daily tasks don’t slow down. That means it’s up to us to make sure we stay cool while doing anything we have planned for the day. We need to find ways to keep the car cool, keep the house cool, keep the office cool, and just stay […]

Hiking Trails in Tucson: North and West

It is very easy to get in touch with nature when you live or vacation in Tucson. One of the best ways to experience the natural wonders of the area is to go on a hike. There are numerous trails throughout Tucson. Some of the best trails can be found in North and West Tucson. There […]

The Best Places to Hike in Oro Valley

Oro Valley is home to many different types of trails. There are trails made for hiking, walking, skating, bicycle riding, and horseback riding, and they’re meant to allow us to get closer to the nature that is right outside our doors, but feels so far away at times. How many times have you driven down the […]

Hiking Trails in Tucson

Image of woman carrying a water bottle while hiking in the desert. She is walking in a wash between small desert mountains.

Telling someone to take a hike used to be a bad thing, but in Southeast and East Tucson, it’s a welcomed command. The hiking trails in Tucson are beautiful, and you’ll feel at home there whether you’re working out, chatting with friends, or relaxing and gaining a new perspective on life. Hiking the Tucson trails […]