What’s Happening in Sierra Vista?

The Place at Savanna Springs is a beautiful apartment community in Sierra Vista Arizona. Lately, The Place at Savanna Springs in Sierra Vista has been buzzing with activity! We are expanding our community outreach, creating new programs and promoting all the wonderful things that make Sierra Vista a great place to live! We are excited to share our latest events and happenings with you.

SV Campaigns

We’ve started three new campaigns in Sierra Vista:

  1. Move to Sierra Vista
  2. Hometown Heroes
  3. MC-Housemates

Move to Sierra Vista: Move to Sierra Vista is designed to bring people to Sierra Vista and highlight the beauty of this Southern Arizona town. The Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce has teamed up with The Place at Savanna Springs and MCLife Tucson for this awesome campaign. Plus in January we will be doing THREE FREE RENT GIVEAWAYS to people who live outside of Sierra Vista and are interested in relocating!

Hometown Heroes: Hometown Heroes is a wonderful program that thanks the heroes of Sierra Vista! The Place at Savanna Springs wants to salute our hometown heroes by offering a 25% discount on apartment rentals to the individuals that help make our city great! We are extending a warm thank you to the full-time border patrol agents, fire fighters, police officers, retired veterans and teachers in town! If you are a hometown hero, stop by The Place at Savanna Springs or give us a call at 520-400-0034 to speak to us about the program. We want to hear from you!

MC-HousematesMC-Housemates is an innovative home sharing program allowing you to save money and live better. Home sharing gives you the ability to:

  1. Save Money
  2. Enjoy independence
  3. Build new friendships

MCLife has come up with an ingenious program, MC-Housemates to give adults the chance to live with somebody else without limiting their living space or independence, and be financially savvy.

We’ll help you find the perfect match for your house mate. All you have to do is move in to start saving money and enjoying the next chapter in life.

Interested? Get started with MC-Housemates at MCLife.com

The Place at Savanna Springs is buzzing with activity!

Business at Twilight Sierra Vista

This past November, MCLife Tucson and The Place at Savanna Springs hosted “BAT – Business at Twilight” a special networking event organized by the Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce. It was a fun evening connecting with the who’s who in Sierra Vista.

Sierra Vista Arizona Nature

Stay tuned to our blog for more details on events and programs we have going on in the area. Plus you can follow us on Facebook for daily posts, photos and content! Until next time, keep living the good life!