Building Your Own Community: MCLife Tucson

Building your own community begins with you! The great thing about building a community here at MCLife Tucson is that you have all the keys right at your fingertips. There’s so many easy  ways to meet your neighbors, property staff, and other community members.

Today we’re talking all about how to get out there and cultivate a sense of belonging and community for yourself and others. We’re going to talk about easy ways to meet new people, simple steps for making new friends, and how to get active in your community to help grow that sense of belonging.

Building Your Own Community: MCLife Tucson

Let’s dive right in and get down to business. It’s easy to engage with your community in small ways that can build into a bigger sense of belonging and community well-being. We’re going to start with some simple steps that you can take to connect with your neighbors even if they feel like strangers!

Introduce Yourself

You will never know someone if you don’t reach out! Introduce yourself at the pool, while walking your dog, to people at the gym, etc. When you see someone you don’t know, or you see someone who has a similar routine to yours, take a moment and introduce yourself! It’s as easy as saying “Hi, my name is…” before you know it you’ll have an acquaintance instead of a stranger on your hands!

Put Yourself Out There

The last few years have been tough for all of us. We’ve had to adjust to a lot of new elements of everyday life and for a lot of people that has meant a feeling of being closed off or isolated. Now that it’s safer to do so, get out there! Go for a walk around the community, check out our monthly events…more on that below…and just see who you can bump into around your community. You don’t have to be a party goer or a really adventurous person to meet new people, they’re all around you if you take a minute to stop and slow down!

Offer To Help

Do you have a skill, side hustle, or just some extra time on your hands? Offer to help those you meet. If you see someone doing something you could help with, offer to lend a hand. The easiest way to build a sense of community is to actually engage with those around you and help add value to their lives. You’ll get to do something you enjoy and they will get to meet a new friend who is special because they did something no one else did!

Sharing Is Caring

Want to know the easiest way to get out there and connect with people? Do something fun! Head on out to the pool, start grilling, share some food and beers! There’s no shortage of fun to be had and you get to enjoy your included amenities with MCLife Tucson. There are so many great benefits to living in our communities and the amenities are one of them…enjoy them AND meet new people, it’s a win win!

Join In!

We offer monthly social gatherings at our communities which means you have a chance each month to engage with your community and get involved with your neighbors. It’s easy to turn those people into friends when you are hanging out and doing something together once in a while!

Make sure to follow along on social media for updates about the events, timing, etc.

At the end of the day, as with most things in life, you are only going to get out of something what you are willing to put in. With a little effort and perhaps some fun, you’ll be connecting with new people, making changes, and impacting your overall community more than you know!

Let us know in the comments what your favorite way to meet new people and make new friends is so everyone can join in the fun!

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