Everything You Need to Know About Living in Tucson

View of downtown Tucson at dusk. "A" Mountain is in the back right of the image just behind the cityscape of downtown.

Are you thinking of relocating to Tucson? If so, you will want to read our guide about living in Tucson. We’ve covered all the important topics that you might consider before looking for apartments or senior living in Tucson. Not sure where to start with researching all the benefits of living in Tucson?  We’ll cover […]

Take Your Best Friend Everywhere: Top Pet-Friendly Places in Tucson 

If you like taking your pets with you everywhere you go, this list of dog-friendly restaurants and dog parks here in Tucson will be a huge hit! Check out all of these options to learn more about where you can take your dogs. Pet-friendly Tucson locations are always fun and these pet-friendly restaurants in Tucson […]

National Hobby Month: Best Places to Pursue Your Passions in Tucson

Did you know that January is National Hobby Month?! That gives you a great reason to get out there and pursue new and old hobbies alike. It’s time to take some time out for yourself so you can focus on something that you are passionate about. Having hobbies is excellent! It’s a great way to […]

A New Year, A New Chance to Give: 7 Philanthropies That Inspire Us

It’s a new year and that means it’s time for some new goals, new opportunities, and new chances to give back to the community and those around us! If you are looking for ways to make a difference this year, we’ve got you covered.  Today we are sharing some of our favorite charities in Tucson. […]

Top 5 Shopping Areas in Tucson

Today we’re talking about the best shopping in Tucson. Check out these great spots in all your favorite neighborhoods to shop in Tucson. There’s something for everyone and plenty of local favorites to shop small as well!   When it comes to Tucson living we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention all the great shopping spots. […]

Benefits of Renting an Apartment

In any market, even a crazy one like we’re in right now, there are benefits of renting in Tucson…and all over the country. Tucson living is great and it’s even better once you find some amazing Tucson apartments that are pet friendly, perfect for everything from individuals to families, and once you see this list […]

Best Donuts in Tucson

Did you know that National Donut Day is June 4th?! It’s time to celebrate with some of the best donuts in Tucson. We’re going to show you why Tucsom living is awesome. All of these great spots are serving up tasty donuts and donut themed treats that you won’t want to miss out on.  If […]

Best Poolside Reads

Did you know that the pool at your community is officially open?! This summer reading list is great for tackling at the pools in Tucson. You won’t want to miss out on these great best sellers while you are lounging by the pool this summer.  Reading by the pool is its own kind of magic. […]

Boost Your Tax Refund

Did you know that there are ways you can boost your tax refund? If you are getting ready to do your taxes in Tucson you won’t want to miss out on this advice and these tips for getting the most from your refund.  The deadline to file taxes in Tucson and other places across the […]